Find the Best Floor Scrubber by Avoiding These Mistakes

May 26 2021

Your best floor scrubber might look like this commercial floor scrubber, which is gray and cleaning a mall floor.

What's the best floor scrubber machine on the market? Well, the answer is different for everyone.

Scrubbers are great for all large-scale cleaning. The efficiency and power of a commercial floor scrubber ensures clean, streak-free floors. Their popularity has made scrubbers standard cleaning equipment for schools, shopping centers, hospitals, gyms, and more.

However, there's a very large range of different models, power sources, and even operating modes. With so much information and variety, finding the best floor scrubber machine can get overwhelming.

That's why ScrubberShop is here to tell you what mistakes to prevent in your search for the best industrial floor scrubber. To avoid making expensive mistakes and losing money, read on.

Mistakes to Avoid

Replacement Parts

A lot of people purchase their equipment new, thinking it'll stay that way forever. Realistically, even the best industrial floor scrubber will falter. Plan ahead by looking up the availability of the replacement parts you'll need when your scrubber starts to require maintenance.

Ensure all replacement parts are readily available to you. This will prevent you from losing time, productivity, and money. Nothing is worse for a business than having to wait a week to pick up replacement parts when the scrubber is down. Remember that the newer your equipment, the more replacements parts will be available.

When you're looking at replacement parts, pay special attention to the battery charger, squeegee blade set, water solenoid valve, and pad driver or brush. These parts will help you get a better idea of your scrubber's needs. They'll also show you how easy or hard it is to find parts for your machine. If it's too difficult, you're just wasting money.

Battery and Power

Many are so wrapped up in the outer parts of a scrubber, that they forget about internal parts.

Wet-cell batteries, also known as flooded lead-acid batteries, have always been everyone's first choice. They're reliable and fairly inexpensive. However, there's another strong option.

Gel-style batteries have been rising in popularity. They're easy to maintain, user-friendly, and superior in handling discharge. Though always keep in mind, you should never allow your scrubber to discharge all the way.

Aside from batteries and their maintenance, you should also know what's powering the machine. Do you know if it needs to be plugged in?

Width and Size

Many people believe the bigger the scrubber, the better. In theory, this is true because bigger machines carry more water, which will reduce the number of times your operator dumps and refills the tank. While you should always go for the largest machine your space can accommodate, you also need to consider the width of the area you need to clean.

You need to know the width of the doorways, hallways, and aisles your scrubber will be servicing. Pay special attention to tight spaces, like kitchens or restrooms, during your calculations.

A lot of people measure width by the scrubber body, but squeegees are actually the widest part of the unit.

Also make sure you have a place to store your scrubber when it isn't being used. Scrubbers definitely take up more space than a mop, so plan ahead for something safe, secure, and accessible.

The less you focus on the machine's size and measurements during the buying process, the harder and longer your job will be later on.

Floor Type

Never buy a commercial floor scrubber in spite of your floor type. For instance, if you have laminate floors, a scrubber that services concrete floors is not the best industrial floor scrubber for you.

To find the best floor scrubber machine for your business, you need to know what your floors are made of. Different flooring requires different treatments. The wrong floor scrubber for your floor type will not only damage your facility, but will also diminish the cleaning capacity.

Consult your floor manufacturer to determine the scrubber you need.

Scrubber Budget

Never make the scrubber budget mistake of buying a commercial floor scrubber just because it's the cheapest option. A "cheap" scrubber can actually end up costing you way more money. Depending on the quality, a "cheap" scrubber can bring many maintenance costs throughout its lifetime.

When calculating your scrubber budget, it's essential to include maintenance tools and equipment. Depending on your scrubber, you'll need to replace squeegee blades, brushes, tires, hoses, and other equipment. Being aware of these costs will allow you to calculate lifetime cost for your scrubber budget that much more accurately.

A gray commercial floor scrubber that's next to another gray commercial floor scrubber.

Choosing The Best Floor Scrubber

Scrubbers are a great investment. Completing a human's 20-hour workload in a single hour, commercial floor scrubbers will quickly pay for themselves. Especially when you consider labor accounts for 90% of all cleaning costs.

Thanks to high-demand, the market is packed with both affordable and expensive commercial floor scrubbers. However, due to the volume, it's difficult to sort through and find the best industrial floor scrubber for your business and budget. That's why ScrubberShop is here for you!

ScrubberShop does all the hard work for you. ScrubberShop pre-screens all dealers, only partnering with industry-leading manufacturers, to ensure the best floor scrubber machine is the one you end up getting! With a promise of high-quality equipment, ScrubberShop will guarantee your business stays ahead of the competition.

To increase productivity and efficiency, and save your staff time and energy, purchase a scrubber today.

Find The Best Scrubber For Your Business Now.

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