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Is a Walk-Behind Sweeper a Good Fit for My Business?

Floor maintenance is a critical aspect of any business. A walk-behind sweeper is a great tool for keeping your facility’s appearance up to standard. Using a walk-behind power sweeper regularly will also help keep your facility safe for all employees and guests.

Maintaining a commercial space is no small matter. Investing in the right equipment will help establish a great first impression for visitors. 

Since walk-behind sweepers are manually pushed to operate, they are ideal for small and medium-sized spaces. Typically, this equipment is suitable if the area you need to maintain is less than 50,000 square feet. 

Because of their size, walk-behind floor sweepers are easy to maneuver and use. This makes them ideal for spaces with narrow access or tight turns. If you intend to use this equipment outside, it’s a great fit for sidewalks, loading bays, narrow paths, and other small, high-traffic areas. For larger, more time-consuming areas, a ride-on sweeper may be more comfortable and efficient.

A walk-behind power sweeper is a compact cleaning machine that is easy to store. Though smaller than other industrial sweepers, these machines are very powerful. Many walk-behind power sweepers have brushes that can spin more than 200 times per minute, deep cleaning cracks and crevices. 

Your facility is a huge part of your business as a whole. Protect and maintain your investment with a new or used walk-behind sweeper.

What is a Walk-Behind Sweeper?

Small walk-behind power sweeper being used outside

Walk-behind sweepers are industrial floor cleaning machines designed to clean commercial spaces quickly and efficiently. Businesses invest in walk-behind floor sweepers to maintain the appearance and cleanliness of their buildings.

Walk-behind floor sweepers are available in multiple sizes to accommodate different spaces and industries. When choosing a walk-behind power sweeper for your facility, base your decision on where you intend to use the equipment.

Because of their maneuverability, walk-behind floor sweepers are ideal for narrow spaces. On average, a walk-behind power sweeper can clean around 30,000 square feet per hour. Many walk-behind sweepers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Keep in mind, however, that these machines are not as heavy-duty as their ride-on counterparts. 

Some walk-behind sweepers are battery-operated, while others run on fuel. If you plan to clean enclosed areas, choose the electric option to avoid trapping dangerous fumes. 

Walk-behind floor sweepers can tackle any type of flooring, including hardwood, vinyl, tile, concrete, and more. Whether or not an individual machine is suitable for your flooring depends on its brushes. Some surfaces require softer brushes to avoid scratching or cracking.

Consider your specific facility before you buy a new or used walk-behind sweeper. If this equipment is a good fit for you, browse a variety of walk-behind sweepers for sale in minutes with ScrubberShop.

Should I Buy New or Used Walk-Behind Sweeper?

Used walk-behind sweeper outside cleaning dirty asphalt

Purchasing commercial cleaning equipment is a great way to save money in the long run by eliminating the cost of hiring cleaning services intermittently. Owning a walk-behind power sweeper allows for quick facility maintenance whenever needed. Plus, the cost of maintaining the equipment is relatively low.

Despite the money you might save long term, new equipment isn’t necessarily cheap. Depending on the size, power source, and features of the machine, walk-behind sweepers can range anywhere from $1,000 to over $6,000.

Not ready to make the financial investment of buying a new machine? ScrubberShop carries a huge selection of used walk-behind sweepers to help you stay in budget. 

We work with pre-screened dealers to offer you the highest quality refurbished equipment from industry-leading brands. That means every used walk-behind sweeper in our inventory is trustworthy and reliable.

Browse the best used walk-behind sweepers for sale in your area. Skip the scams and find legitimate equipment with ScrubberShop.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Walk-Behind Sweepers for Sale?

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Compare your options to find the best deal and choose equipment for your business with confidence. 

ScrubberShop is the best place to find a new or used walk-behind sweeper for your business. Browse walk-behind sweepers for sale and get a great deal on equipment from industry-leading manufacturers.

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