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Is an Industrial Floor Scrubber a Good Fit for My Business?

Operator riding a commercial floor scrubber through an indoor facility

If your floors need thorough cleaning on a routine basis, you’ll need a floor scrubber to get the job done. Use this equipment to improve the appearance of your facility, remove dangerous industrial byproducts from the floor, and ensure the safety of your employees.

Whether you operate a warehouse, hospital, store, manufacturing plant, parking garage, or any other facility, an industrial floor scrubber is the key to your success. Not only do these machines make it easy to clean large areas quickly, but they are much more hygienic than the traditional mop.

On top of that, they are incredibly efficient and convenient to use. There are many options when it comes to industrial floor scrubbers for sale. Each one has unique features and capabilities to fit a variety of industries.

When comparing industrial floor scrubbers for sale, select equipment based on your specific floor type and facility size. Some industrial floor scrubbers are fitted with rough brushes that reach deep into the crevices of concrete and tile flooring. Others have soft brushes for more delicate flooring.

Certain floor scrubbing machines are intended for large open facilities, while some are better for navigating smaller, more crowded spaces. Regardless of your circumstances, there is a floor scrubber out there that fits your needs. ScrubberShop can help you find it.

What is a Commercial Floor Scrubber?

Close-up of the brushes and squeegee on a floor scrubbing machine

While there are many different types of commercial floor scrubbers, they all essentially clean in the same way. 

First, the floor scrubber sprays water and a cleaning solution onto the floor. Then, it uses brushes or pads to scrub away dirt and debris. Floor scrubbing machines can have either round, cylindrical, or square oscillating heads. There are also different bristle options depending on the surface.

The vacuum system of the industrial floor scrubber then sucks the dirty water and debris into a recovery tank. Lastly, a squeegee at the back of the machine gathers up any remaining water to keep the area safe for pedestrians. 

Certain machines even have a pre-sweep feature to help facilities with an excess of loose dirt or sand. Specific features vary depending on the floor scrubbing machine you choose. 

There are three main types of industrial floor scrubbers - auto scrubbers, walk-behind scrubbers, and ride-on scrubbers. Learn more about each type at the top of the page before browsing industrial floor scrubbers for sale.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Floor Scrubbers for Sale?

Industrial floor scrubbers for sale for concrete floors

Scrubbers can cost anywhere from $500 to $50,000, depending on the type you choose. That’s a huge range. How will you know if you’re getting a good deal? 

The only way to find the best deal on floor scrubbers for sale in your area is to compare prices upfront before you buy. ScrubberShop can make that happen. 

ScrubberShop is a free comparison tool that gives you transparent pricing and information on all of your options for industrial floor scrubbers for sale before you make a decision. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with equipment that fits your needs.

Get pricing sent straight to your inbox. Then, review each floor scrubbing machine to decide if any are a good fit. Save time by reviewing options that are hand-picked for your business. 

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