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Is a Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber a Good Fit for My Business?

Walk-behind floor cleaners are manually pushed by the operator, like a vacuum cleaner. While they come in various sizes, walk-behind scrubber machines are typically smaller than ride-on floor scrubbers. Because of this, walk-behind scrubber machines are a better fit for small- to medium-sized spaces.

Head Sizes:Area in Square Ft:Floor Types:
Micro (13”-15”)
Small (17”-20”)
Mid (22”-28”)
Large (32”-38”)
Micro 1,000-3,000
Small 3,000-20,000
Mid 15,000-40,000
Large 30,000-80,000+
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Due to their size, these machines are compact and maneuverable, allowing them to reach tight areas more easily. Walk-behind floor scrubber machines provide a slight forward motion to help the operator push the machine without fatigue.

Before you set out to find the best walk-behind floor scrubbers for sale, it’s important to make sure that this is the right type of floor cleaning machine for you. Take a moment to consider the areas you need to maintain. Are these areas wide open? Incredibly large? If so, a ride-on scrubber might be a better choice.

If the area you’re cleaning has narrow doorways or is cluttered with obstacles, a walk-behind scrubber is the perfect solution to your cleaning demands. For instance, this equipment is great if your facility is a crowded warehouse, or has inclined areas, like ramps. 

Most walk-behind scrubbers can tackle a huge range of flooring, including tile, hardwood, concrete, and carpeting. However, pad pressure and bristle hardness can damage certain flooring, so it’s best to check your scrubber equipment manual before use.

Use ScrubberShop to compare your options and find the best deal on walk-behind floor scrubbers for sale near you. In minutes, you’ll receive information on quality walk-behind floor scrubber machines that fit your needs. 

What is a Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber?

Compact walk-behind floor cleaner

Walk-behind floor scrubbers provide a fast and efficient way to routinely clean small or medium-sized spaces. On average, a moderately-sized walk-behind scrubber can cover 20,000 to 30,000 square feet per hour. Investing in a walk-behind floor scrubber helps your business maintain a safe and productive work environment.

Walk-behind floor cleaners are designed to clean in just one pass by dispersing a mixture of water and cleaning solution, scrubbing the floor with bristles, and lifting the residue from the ground. To use, the operator simply needs to guide the walk-behind scrubber over the floor once. It really is that easy to use a walk-behind floor scrubber.

When browsing your options for walk-behind floor scrubbers for sale, you’ll notice that walk behind scrubbers come in different sizes. For instance, some walk-behind floor scrubbers are compact for narrow warehouse aisles. Other industrial walk-behind floor scrubbers are wider for a quicker clean in big open spaces. 

Scrubbers come in four main sizes: micro, small, mid, and large. Micro walk-behind scrubbers are 13”-15” wide, small scrubbers are 17”-20” wide, mid scrubbers are 22”-28” wide, and large scrubbers are 32”-38” wide. Consider the width of the area that needs to be cleaned before choosing.

Before comparing walk-behind floor scrubbers for sale, it’s essential to know what kind of machine is best suited for your specific facility. ScrubberShop is here to help you find the best walk-behind floor scrubber machine for your business. 

An industrial walk-behind floor scrubber is an essential tool for employee/visitor safety and for maintaining your flooring. Learn more about how an industrial walk-behind floor scrubber can help maintain your space, then browse your options to find the perfect equipment.

Can I Save Money By Purchasing Used Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers?

White and red walk-behind floor scrubber machine

Looking for used equipment? Purchasing a used walk-behind floor scrubber is an instant way to save money. Plus, quality used machines are just as efficient and reliable as their new counterparts.

Not sure which used equipment you can trust? ScrubberShop carries a huge selection of used walk-behind floor scrubbers from trustworthy, pre-screened dealers. That means every used walk-behind floor scrubber you see is guaranteed to be in great condition. 

Don’t waste time trying to inspect used equipment and determine whether or not it’s a scam. Let us do the work for you. We’ve gathered all of the best quality options for used walk-behind floor scrubbers in one place.

We offer a huge selection of refurbished equipment to help you stay within your budget. ScrubberShop is the best place to find a new or used walk-behind floor scrubber. Browse all of your options for walk-behind floor scrubbers for sale online to find quality equipment that’s tailored to your needs.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers for Sale?

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If you want to find the best deal on a walk-behind floor scrubber, it’s a good idea to compare all of the different walk-behind floor scrubbers for sale that meet your needs. ScrubberShop can help you compare your options in one place so that you don’t have to waste hours combing through websites and reviews.

ScrubberShop offers the largest inventory of walk-behind floor scrubbers for sale nationwide. Get matched with walk-behind scrubbers for your business in minutes. Receive pricing and information on a variety of walk-behind floor cleaners straight to your inbox.

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