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Is a Sweeper-Scrubber a Good Fit for My Business?

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It can be tough to decide whether an industrial scrubber or an industrial sweeper is a better match for your business. Why not choose both? 

With a sweeper-scrubber you can. A sweeper-scrubber is a 2-in-1 industrial cleaning machine that combines the cleaning power of both scrubbers and sweepers by trapping debris and removing tough grime at the same time.

These machines are the most efficient tools for deep cleaning medium- or large-sized commercial facilities. Floor sweeper-scrubbers also work best in relatively open spaces. Most sweeper-scrubbers have wide cleaning paths between 35-inches and 60-inches.

Although sweeper-scrubbers can handle essentially any floor type, these combination machines are especially useful on concrete flooring, which requires considerable deep cleaning. Combination sweeper-scrubbers are also helpful for flooring that is polluted by sticky industrial by-products like grease and oil.

Certain industries require extensive cleanliness, especially at facilities that are constantly exposed to germs or bacteria. For example, it’s important that hotels, health facilities, and cafeterias are legitimately clean, not just that they appear to be. 

For these businesses and many others, an industrial sweeper-scrubber is the best choice. If this equipment sounds like a good fit for you, get started with ScrubberShop. We can help you compare all of your options for sweeper-scrubber machines in one place.

What is a Sweeper-Scrubber?

Sweeper-scrubber indoors on a dirty floor

Sweeper-scrubbers are powerful industrial cleaning machines that dry sweep and wet scrub flooring simultaneously in just one pass. Industrial sweeper-scrubbers can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the fuel type. 

Sweeper-scrubbers work similarly to individual scrubbers and sweepers. The difference is that this equipment has a full sweeper system and full scrubber system in one single machine.

Sweeper brushes at the front of the combination sweeper-scrubber remove dry debris like dirt and dust by directing it into a vacuum. At the same time, cleaning solution and scrubber brushes towards the middle of the sweeper-scrubber machine deep clean the floor. Then, a squeegee at the very back removes any remaining solution from the floor, keeping contact areas dry. 

Sweeper-scrubber machines are designed to be ridden, making cleaning comfortable and quick, even at large facilities. Some combination sweeper-scrubbers can clean up to 67,000 square feet per hour.

Need a quick scrub or sweep? Floor sweeper-scrubbers don’t always have to be used as an all-in-one solution. Sweeper-scrubbers have the capability to use each system separately. In fact, they can even be used simply for water recovery. 

Get solutions to all of your floor cleaning problems with an industrial sweeper-scrubber. Browse combination sweeper-scrubbers instantly with ScrubberShop.

Should I Buy New or Used Sweeper-Scrubber?

Closeup of a used sweeper-scrubber

Buying a combination sweeper-scrubber can save your business money on facility maintenance costs. Instead of purchasing two machines or hiring two services, you can invest in a single floor sweeper-scrubber to address all of your facility’s floor cleaning needs quickly and efficiently.

Of course, the added capabilities that industrial sweeper-scrubbers offer come with a higher price tag. One way to save money on initial costs is by choosing refurbished equipment rather than new equipment.

ScrubberShop offers a huge selection of reliable used sweeper-scrubbers. We partner with trustworthy dealers to provide the largest nationwide inventory of refurbished sweeper-scrubber machines from industry-leading manufacturers.

Each used sweeper-scrubber in our catalog has been properly serviced and is in good condition. The refurbished equipment we carry has the functionality of new equipment, at a fraction of the cost.

Save money by investing in a high-quality used sweeper-scrubber from ScrubberShop. Find reliable equipment instantly and compare pricing to get a great deal on sweeper-scrubbers for sale.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Sweeper-Scrubbers for Sale?

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You have endless options when it comes to choosing an industrial sweeper-scrubber for your business. There are hundreds of dealers, brands, and models to sort through and choose from.

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Simply let us know what you’re looking for and our team of experts will select floor sweeper-scrubbers that meet your needs. You’ll receive pricing and information on all of your matches straight to your inbox.

Get high-quality equipment to reduce dust, minimize labor costs, and lengthen the lifespan of your flooring with an industrial sweeper-scrubber. Improve the productivity of your business and your shopping experience with ScrubberShop. Find a floor sweeper-scrubber for your facility in minutes.

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