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Is an Auto Scrubber a Good Fit for My Business?

There are many different types of industrial cleaning machines. Before comparing auto scrubbers for sale, it’s important to be sure that this is the right equipment for your facility. 

Auto scrubbers can clean cement, vinyl, tile, ceramic, stone, terrazzo, rubber, granite, and more. Despite this impressive range, not all floors can handle certain cleaning chemicals or pad pressure. Check your floor manufacturer’s guidelines to make sure that the automatic floor scrubber you choose is a good fit for your flooring.

There are different types of automatic floor cleaning machines to accommodate different space sizes. For instance, walk-behind auto scrubbers are ideal for areas ranging anywhere from 1,000 to 15,000 square feet. These machines have cleaning paths from 13-inches to 38-inches and are a good fit for areas like school hallways, tight warehouse aisles, and inclined ramps. 

Ride-on auto scrubbers are better for larger areas that range from 15,000 to 150,000+ square feet. These auto scrubber machines have cleaning paths from 20-inches to 45-inches and are a good fit for areas like large gyms, building lobbies, and school cafeterias.

Automatic floor scrubbers clean a variety of areas quickly and efficiently. If an auto scrubber machine sounds like a good fit for your business, browse your options with ScrubberShop.

What is an Auto Scrubber?

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An auto scrubber is an industrial floor cleaning machine that scrubs and dries flooring in just one pass, removing the need for manual labor. Automatic floor scrubbers vary vastly in size, but large machines can clean up to 100,000 square feet per hour.

To clean an area, auto floor scrubbers first dispense a controlled amount of cleaning solution onto the floor. There are many solutions available, but as a general rule of thumb, neutral cleaners are ideal for sealed floors while alkaline cleaners are better for concrete. If you don’t want to use chemicals, some auto floor scrubbers are effective with just water and pad pressure.

Once the solution is released, a floor pad or brush on the bottom of the automatic floor cleaning machine rubs the cleaning solution aggressively over the floor. This removes grime, dirt, and other tough industrial by-products. 

Lastly, a squeegee at the back of the auto scrubber machine captures the dirty water and solution, directing it into a vacuuming system that sucks the dirty waste into a storage tank. This keeps the cleaned area dry to protect the safety of personnel and visitors.

Auto floor scrubbers clean quickly and efficiently, saving your business time and money on maintenance. In addition, cleaning done by an auto floor scrubber is far more hygienic than using a traditional mop and bucket. Find equipment for your facility today.

Should I Buy New or Used Auto Scrubber?

Auto scrubber being used indoors on tile flooring

Purchasing an automatic floor scrubber is a great way to save your business money on maintenance costs. However, the initial costs aren’t necessarily cheap. Even if an auto floor scrubber is a good fit for your business, the price tag might not be. 

Luckily, quality used equipment can function just as well as new equipment for a fraction of the price. Buying a used auto scrubber is a cost-effective solution for getting the equipment you need while staying in budget. Keep in mind, however, that shopping for used auto scrubbers for sale requires an extra level of research and caution.

When assessing a used auto scrubber, first determine the age of the machine. You’ll want equipment with lots of life left in it, so try to stay under three years. Research the service history of the auto floor scrubber. Ask about previous applications, where it was used, and any previous repairs.

Overwhelmed? Fortunately, we’ve already done this work for you. ScrubberShop partners with pre-screened dealers to offer a huge inventory of reliable used auto scrubbers for sale for you to choose from. Every machine we carry has been properly serviced and cared for over its lifetime.

Don’t waste your time sorting through scams. Find a used auto scrubber you can trust in minutes. Compare all of your options for new and used auto scrubbers for sale in minutes with ScrubberShop.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Auto Scrubbers for Sale?

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The most efficient way to find a great deal on anything you buy is to compare pricing on all of your options. The same holds true when you’re looking for the best deal on an automatic floor cleaning machine.

ScrubberShop is a free comparison tool designed to help you weigh your options when browsing auto scrubbers for sale. Once you let us know what you’re looking for, we’ll send you pricing and information on auto scrubber machines that match.

This will help your business find an automatic floor cleaning machine that is tailored to your specific operation. It also eliminates the need to call around to dozens of different dealers or visit countless websites.

Instead of having a manufacturer tell you which automatic floor cleaning machine is best for you, decide for yourself with ScrubberShop. Find the perfect auto scrubber machine for your business from the comfort of your home. Get started today.

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