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Match with equipment from industry-leading manufacturers and choose an industrial scrubber or sweeper that you can trust. Learn more about just a few of the big names we offer below.


Tennant floor scrubbers and sweepers are at the top of the list when it comes to finding quality industrial cleaning equipment. These machines hold their worth extremely well. That not only gives Tennant scrubbers and sweepers great resale value, but ensures that they’ll last the full length of their lifetimes.

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On top of that, Tennant floor scrubbers and sweepers are easy to rebuild and repair, especially because replacement parts are so common. The Tennant brand is well over 100 years old, attesting to the power and acclaim it has today. 

Even now, Tennant sweepers and scrubbers remain at the forefront of the industry for their innovation. Many Tennant scrubbers and sweepers are cutting edge, addressing issues like size, sustainability, and resourcefulness. 

Tennant continues to produce commercial floor cleaning machines that businesses can rely on. If you want equipment you know will do the job, check out our inventory of Tennant floor scrubbers and sweepers.


Over the last few decades, Advance, which is part of the Nilfisk Group, has become a household name for those in the industrial cleaning industry. Advance floor scrubbers are well-known for their reliability. 

Advance by Nilfisk scrubbers and sweepers

Advance, originally “Advance Machine Company”, was acquired by Nilfisk in 1994. Advance is Nilfisk’s high-end brand segment, offering a huge variety of quality commercial floor cleaning machines across the spectrum. 

Today, Advance floor scrubbers are used in over 80 countries. True to the Nilfisk name, Advance floor scrubbers continue to tackle problems with new, innovative solutions. This brand has done a great job making its machinery applicable to all industries. 

Selecting an Advance floor scrubber is a solid choice when it’s time to buy new equipment.


Viper floor scrubbers and sweepers are also products of the Nilfisk family of brands, acquired in 2007 to increase their inventory of mid-market cleaning equipment. These machines offer a great quality-to-price ratio.

Viper scrubbers and sweepers

If you’re looking for affordable equipment, Viper floor scrubbers and sweepers are a fantastic option. Commercial floor cleaning machines aren’t necessarily cheap, but Viper works hard to offer great products at a fraction of the prices that other brands charge.

In addition, Viper equipment gets the job done efficiently and simply. Viper floor scrubbers and sweepers prioritize usability and convenience for operators.

Stay in budget without sacrificing quality when you choose a Viper floor scrubber or sweeper.


Clarke became part of the Alto Group in 1998 and was later acquired by Nilfisk as its third brand segment. Originally known for its production of sanding machines, Clarke now sits at the top of the industry for commercial floor cleaning machines. 

Clarke scrubbers and sweepers

The brand has grown immensely since the early 1900s, and now offers an impressive selection of Clarke floor scrubbers, sweepers, polishers, and sanders. Clarke is credited with producing the first battery-powered scrubber and has continued to bring innovation to the industry since then. 

Clarke floor scrubbers and sweepers are efficient, trustworthy machines. With a huge variety of Clarke floor scrubbers and sweepers to choose from, every business can find equipment that suits their operation.

Clarke is one of the largest manufacturers in the industrial cleaning industry today. Clarke floor scrubbers are trusted by thousands of businesses and are a great investment.


Kärcher is a well-known global provider of cleaning technology, both for home and industrial use. Founded in 1935, Kärcher floor sweepers and scrubbers continue to lead the industry.

Kärcher scrubbers and sweepers

Trusted nationwide, Kärcher floor scrubbers and sweepers are some of the best available. These commercial floor cleaning machines are known for their compact size and easy storability. 

Kärcher floor scrubbers and sweepers continue to meet the needs of businesses across the world in over 70 countries. With over 3,000 products available, Kärcher offers equipment for every application.

We carry a wide variety of Kärcher floor sweepers and scrubbers at great prices. Find a Kärcher floor scrubber or sweeper for your business today.

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This list doesn’t come close to covering all of the amazing brands ScrubberShop offers. We work tirelessly, partnering with authorized, pre-screened dealers to provide you with a huge inventory of high-quality equipment for your business. 

Whether you’re looking for an Advance floor scrubber, Tennant sweeper, Kärcher floor scrubber, or equipment from a different brand, we have you covered. Compare commercial floor cleaning machines from all of the best manufacturers in one place. 

Use ScrubberShop to review pricing and information on equipment for your facility today.

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