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Is a Ride-On Sweeper a Good Fit for My Business?

Because of their size, ride-on floor sweepers are best suited for medium- and large-sized areas. Ride-on sweepers also have a relatively wide cleaning path, so open spaces are easiest for them to navigate.

While sweeping might seem like a simple task, it can quickly become a hassle for large facilities. Imagine how much time it would take for someone to manually sweep an entire commercial building. It would be hugely inefficient, not to mention ineffective since brooms can’t thoroughly remove dirt and debris.

An industrial ride-on sweeper can help. Investing in a ride-on vacuum sweeper is the best way to invest in the efficiency, safety, and productivity of your company. Ride-on sweepers will thoroughly clean an area in one pass without leaving residue.

Many ride-on floor sweepers can clean over 60,000 square feet per hour. Using a ride-on floor sweeper is a comfortable and convenient solution for operators who have lots of ground to cover. Despite their size, ride-on floor sweepers are also easy to maneuver.

These machines are a great fit for a variety of industries and spaces, including warehouses, outdoor lots, reception halls, and more. Ride-on sweepers can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on the fuel type you choose.

Before browsing ride-on sweepers for sale, think about which floors you’ll be cleaning most frequently. Choose a new or used ride-on sweeper that fits your space. If you’re ready to find equipment for your business, compare all of your options for new and used ride-on sweepers for sale with ScrubberShop. 

What is a Ride-On Sweeper?

Medium-sized ride-on vacuum sweeper outside

Ride-on sweepers are motorized industrial floor cleaning machines equipped with large sweeper brushes and loose debris containers. These machines are designed to clean industrial spaces quickly and efficiently, with minimal dust production. 

Most ride-on sweepers combine sweeping brushes with a powerful vacuum system that sucks debris into a large hopper at the rear of the machine. The size of the hopper reduces the number of times the operator needs to empty it. Plus, ride-on vacuum sweepers typically have an automatic dumping system.

Different ride-on vacuum sweepers have different energy sources, including battery, liquid propane gas, propane, gas, and diesel. If you plan to use your ride-on sweeper indoors, choose battery-powered equipment. 

Compact and mid-sized ride-on vacuum sweepers are available for tighter spaces. These machines have 28-inch to 36-inch cleaning widths. At the other end of the spectrum, large extra-wide sweepers have 58-inch cleaning widths.

Purchasing an affordable new or used ride-on sweeper can help you maintain the facilities your business relies on while saving time and money in the long run. Find the best industrial ride-on sweeper for your business with ScrubberShop.

Should I Buy New or Used Ride-On Sweeper?

Used ride-on sweeper outside cleaning pavement

Purchasing industrial cleaning equipment may be a smart long-term investment, but it does require a fairly large initial cost. Don’t want to spend that much money? ScrubberShop can help.

We carry a full inventory of used ride-on sweepers for sale to help you stay within budget. Plus, we only work with top dealers to provide used ride-on sweepers that are in great condition from industry-leading manufacturers.

Choosing refurbished equipment for your facility could cut your upfront costs in half instantly. When you buy a refurbished industrial ride-on sweeper, you can experience the reliability, production, and efficiency of new equipment for a fraction of the cost.

To get the most out of your savings, it’s important to find a refurbished machine from a reliable seller. You’ll also want to be sure that the equipment has been properly cared for over its lifetime, and that it’s a newer model with plenty of years left. Stick to top brands with good reputations.

The used equipment we carry checks all of these boxes. Skip the scams and compare used ride-on sweepers for sale that you can trust. Save money on an industrial ride-on sweeper without sacrificing quality. Find the ride-on sweeper your facility needs in minutes.

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