How to Choose the Right Auto Scrubber

December 09 2020

Small walk-behind auto scrubber on red flooring

An auto scrubber is a floor cleaning machine that uses cleaning solution and brushes to remove dirt and debris. These automatic machines can thoroughly clean and disinfect flooring in just one pass, making them much more efficient and effective than the traditional mop and bucket.

Floor cleaning is an integral part of every business operation. Now, more than ever, using an automatic floor scrubber to keep your facility clean is critical. Not only does cleanliness protect guests and employees, but it impacts your company’s image.

On top of that, floor cleanliness affects the integrity of your flooring. Routine use of an automatic floor scrubber prevents expensive flooring repairs.

Investing in an auto scrubber can save your company tons of money in the long run. Of course, it’s only a good investment if you choose the right equipment for your facility.

Keep reading to learn more about automatic scrubbers. Then, compare your options online to find the best auto scrubber for sale today.

Walk-Behind Auto Scrubber

An auto scrubber can clean a wide range of floor types, including cement, vinyl, tile, ceramic, stone, terrazzo, granite, and rubber. Select brush type, pad pressure, and cleaning chemicals based on your flooring type. Be sure to follow your flooring manufacturer’s guidelines.

In addition to these factors, you’ll need to choose whether you need a walk-behind or ride-on model. A walk-behind auto scrubber is ideal for small or medium-sized spaces. That includes facilities that are between 1,000 and 15,000 square feet.

Just like the name implies, a walk-behind auto scrubber is pushed by an operator. The machine provides a gentle forward motion so that the operator can guide it easily without fatigue.

Depending on the model, a walk-behind auto scrubber can have a cleaning path between 13-inches and 38-inches. Use these narrow machines in facilities with tight spaces. This includes places like school hallways, narrow warehouse aisles, and inclined ramps.

Ride-On Auto Scrubber

Your second option is the ride-on auto scrubber. These automatic scrubbers are ridden by a seated operator. These models are typically larger, making them a better fit for areas that are between 15,000 and 150,000 square feet.

Since they cover larger surface areas, these machines have wider cleaning paths, typically between 20 and 45 inches. Use a ride-on auto scrubber for large open areas like gyms, lobbies, and cafeterias.

Depending on its size, a ride-on auto scrubber can clean anywhere from 20,000 to 60,000+ square feet per hour. Consider facility size and maneuverability before choosing an automatic floor scrubber.

Custodian operating a ride-on auto scrubber in an airport

Finding the Best Auto Scrubber for Sale

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