Fight COVID-19 With These Facility Maintenance Practices

June 24 2020

Industrial cleaning with a ride-on scrubber indoors

Facility maintenance is a necessary part of any business. Proper building care prevents costly repairs while keeping your employees and visitors safe. With the COVID-19 virus spreading across the country, it can also save lives.

Now, more than ever, industrial floor cleaning should be a priority for your business. Floor disinfection prevents the spread of germs and bacteria, keeping the coronavirus out of your hallways.

Prioritizing facility maintenance will also put your workers at ease, helping them feel safe and comfortable. This will allow them to stay productive and efficient despite the circumstances.

Whether you operate an essential business or are just starting to reopen your doors, ScrubberShop is here to help you prepare for the worst. Use these facility maintenance practices to fight COVID-19 and keep your workers safe.

How to Prevent COVID-19 With Floor Disinfection

Industrial cleaning and disinfecting are two completely different things. Cleaning your facility is not enough to ensure that coronavirus doesn’t spread. Facility maintenance means more than cleaning.

In fact, the CDC actually published a new report indicating that shoes can be carriers of coronavirus. The study analyzed shoe samples, many of which tested positive for the virus. While it’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll contract COVID-19 from your sneakers, it’s still important to prioritize floor disinfection.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing facilities to take extra precautions. While you may have overlooked your floors in the past, now is not the time to do so. The CDC recommends regular industrial floor cleaning and disinfection at every facility.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between cleaning and floor disinfection. Industrial floor cleaning is the first step to the disinfection process, but it is not enough by itself. To properly clean your floors, you’ll need to both clean and disinfect.

Before you begin, sweep away all loose soil and debris. Then, use an industrial floor scrubber to thoroughly remove industrial byproducts. Cleaning is made up of these two steps.

Floor disinfection takes cleaning a step further. To disinfect your floors, choose an EPA-approved disinfectant that is appropriate for your flooring type. Wear PPE (personal protective equipment) while preparing the solution according to the directions on the bottle. Apply the disinfectant to your floors with an industrial floor scrubber to save time and clean efficiently.

How to Tackle Industrial Cleaning If Someone Gets Sick

Let’s say the worst happens - someone at your facility tests positive for COVID-19. You need to start industrial cleaning. What should you do to protect yourself and others at the facility?

The CDC recommends immediately closing off areas used by the sick person and opening outside doors and windows to increase air circulation. If possible, wait 24 hours before disinfecting the space.

Continue cleaning and disinfecting your facility routinely to reduce the spread of germs. If more than 7 days pass, you’re likely in the clear. However, during these unpredictable times, it’s best to keep implementing these aggressive industrial cleaning practices.

Be upfront with your employees about the precautions you’re taking to ensure their safety. Keep them in the loop and provide additional ways they can keep stay safe. For instance, add hand sanitizer throughout the building and provide them with protective masks.

How to Clean Your Industrial Floor Scrubber

Now your floors are clean, but the work isn’t quite done. The tools you used to clean your floors could have come in contact with the virus and may now be contaminated. You’ll need to clean your equipment thoroughly after floor disinfection.

To clean your industrial floor scrubber, select a solution that is compatible with your machine. Make sure the cleaner will not corrode metals, plastics, or rubber.

Wear PPE to protect yourself when handling the solution. Similarly to cleaning the floors, you’ll want to clean the machine before disinfecting. Wipe down all non-porous surfaces of the industrial floor scrubber with a damp rag. Allow to dry, then apply the disinfectant.

Be sure to adhere to the recommended contact times. Don’t leave the disinfectant on the machine for too long. Then, use water to wipe down the equipment, removing any residue from the disinfectant to avoid chemical corrosion.

Worker completing routine facility maintenance with a walk-behind scrubber

How to Find the Right Tools for the Job

Is your facility prepared for the road ahead? It’s important to have the right industrial cleaning equipment to tackle the job.

Now is a great time to invest in an industrial floor scrubber. Industrial floor cleaning isn’t just important because of COVID-19. It’s also a necessary part of regular facility maintenance. Maintaining your floors will cut costly flooring repairs and employee injuries. It will also create a positive first impression for visitors and increase the efficiency of your workflow.

ScrubberShop can help you find the equipment you need. Compare industrial floor scrubbers from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers in one place.

Simply let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll send you free pricing and information on industrial cleaning equipment that fits your facility’s needs. ScrubberShop is designed to help you view all of your options before you decide.

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