Best Floor Scrubbers for Factory Floor Cleaning

January 24 2023

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Clean floors are important for any business, from shopping malls to commercial laboratories. Manufacturing companies are no exception. The good news is that modern floor-cleaning machines are available in a wide variety of configurations, sizes, capabilities, and prices. This helps manufacturers select factory floor cleaning equipment that meets the needs of their facilities cost-effectively and efficiently.

What Type of Floor Scrubber Is Best for Factory Floor Cleaning?

For some factories, walk-behind floor scrubbers are the optimal choice. For others, ride-on scrubbers get the job done more quickly and cost-effectively. The best option depends on the manufacturer’s budget, the needs of maintenance personnel, the factory’s total square footage, the amount of daily traffic, and the layout of the facility.

What Is a Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber?

As the name suggests, walk-behind floor scrubbers are designed for operators to use from behind. That said, auto scrubbers move forward on their own; cleaning personnel doesn't need to push.

With this type of factory floor cleaning machine, the operator controls the direction, water flow, cleaning solution, scrubbing, and wastewater recovery. All controls are within easy reach.

Some “walk-behind” floor scrubbers feature next-gen technology. They have autonomous features and sensors that take care of factory cleaning without virtually any input.

What Are Ride-On Floor Scrubbers?

Ride-on scrubbers are built so the operator can use the cleaning machine while seated. Ride-on scrubbers are usually larger than their walk-behind counterparts, but not always. They generally offer superior speed, greater capacity and a larger range than smaller models.

There are also stand-on scrubbers that combine the convenience of ride-on models with the smaller profile of walk-behind options. Stand-on scrubbers save time when employees need to move obstacles or spot clean in factory areas frequently.

What Are Industrial Floor Scrubbers?

Some business owners think that industrial floor scrubbers and ride-on scrubbers are the same, but what makes an industrial floor machine stand out is the way it’s built. This type of scrubber features a strong frame and heavy-duty surfaces that can resist impacts, chemicals, moisture, and other common conditions in factories.

What Are the Benefits of Walk-Behind Versus Ride-Ons for Factory Floor Cleaning?

Walk-behind scrubbers are often easier to control than ride-on models. Many have a narrower profile and a tighter turning radius. They can navigate more deftly around factory equipment, workers and warehouse shelves.

Ride-on scrubbers are designed with maximum cleaning capacity in mind. They can make short work of massive warehouses and production facilities. With a ride-on scrubber, personnel may be able to clean over 100,000 square feet per hour, often with minimal tank filling and emptying required.

Why Is High-Quality Factory Floor Cleaning Important?

Keeping factory floors clean provides important benefits and helps business owners avoid potential problems:

  • Work safety: Manufacturing facilities often produce a lot of dust, grease, and other waste particles. Without adequate cleaning, floors can quickly become slippery or hazardous.
  • Business reputation: When potential clients or distributors visit a factory, they want to see spotless floors and workspaces. Clean surfaces can be considered synonymous with trustworthy work.
  • Industry regulations: Many industries, such as food service, have strict requirements regarding cleaning and disinfecting that manufacturers must follow. Capable industrial scrubbers make meeting these regulations much easier for personnel.
  • Product quality: When factory floors are clear of dirt and debris, it’s easier to ensure products are of the highest quality. This is true for electronic parts just as much as metalworking.
  • Employee productivity: Clean factory floors can boost productivity significantly, both by creating a positive work environment and by reducing downtime, accidents, and errors.
  • Cost savings: Improving air quality and getting rid of grease and grime can help industrial manufacturing equipment last longer. Maintaining systems in good condition often costs much less than replacing them.

What Businesses Benefit From a Floor Scrubber?

Modern factory floor cleaning equipment can help a huge variety of industrial businesses:

  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Food and beverage makers
  • Electronics, chips, and AV manufacturers
  • Chemical manufacturers and refineries
  • Transportation garages, warehouses, and distribution centers
  • Wood producers
  • Automotive manufacturing facilities
  • Metalworking and prototyping businesses

Put simply, any company that needs to clean a large amount of floor space should invest in a commercial or industrial floor scrubber.

Where Are Floor Scrubbers Used in Factories and Warehouses?

The great thing about state-of-the-art floor cleaning equipment is how adaptable it is. Walk-behind scrubbers for factory floor cleaning can go virtually anywhere and clean nearly any surface:

  • Bare or polished concrete
  • Epoxy floors
  • Resin flooring
  • Terrazzo floors
  • Finished commercial tile for offices
  • Tile and grout in locker rooms
  • Quarry tile in test kitchens

Many cleaning teams use floor scrubbers for the immense majority of the work, including production lines, open areas, and aisles.

What Should Manufacturers Look For in a Scrubbing Machine for Factory Floor Cleaning?

Here are key factors to consider when choosing a floor scrubber for factories:

  • Cleaning width: Wider scrubbers save time for huge facilities, while narrower heads are a better option for aisles and assembly lines.
  • Tank capacity: The larger the size of the water and recovery tanks, the longer operators can go without emptying and refilling.
  • Durability: If there’s a possibility of operators running into metal or concrete posts, choose a heavy-duty industrial scrubber.
  • Flooring: Combination sweeper scrubbers are popular for maintaining interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Epoxy floors are easier to clean and may not need as much brush pressure.
  • Power: Industrial floor scrubbers are usually powered by propane, but there are battery-powered options as well. Propane can stand up better to extended cleaning times, but the engines also require maintenance.

Where Can You Find the Best Floor Scrubbers for Factory Floor Cleaning?

When shopping for industrial floor scrubbers, having a wide variety of options available is important. With a floor machine of the right capacity, maintenance teams stay more productive.

At ScrubberShop, we have an excellent reputation with facility managers. Our team does more than connect businesses with a huge range of new and used floor scrubbers for factory floor cleaning. We also provide customized recommendations that simplify the buying process and help manufacturers save money. Tell us what you’re looking for right away.

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