The Best Floor Cleaning Machine for Every Facility Size

September 30 2020

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There are many different factors to consider before purchasing a floor cleaning machine for your facility. Debris type, budget, and efficiency all play a role. Most importantly, you’ll need to make a decision based on facility size.

Industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers are available in a range of sizes. Be sure to choose a floor cleaning machine that will fit through facility aisles and doorways.

Keep in mind that selecting the proper machine size will increase productivity. Invest in an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper that benefits your company.

Not sure what you’re looking for? Let ScrubberShop help. We’ll guide you through the decision-making process. Once you know what industrial cleaning machine you need, we’ll give you access to pricing and information on equipment that matches.

Industrial Floor Scrubber Sizes

If you’re looking for an industrial floor scrubber, you have two main options: walk-behind and ride-on.

Walk-behind scrubbers are the smaller choice of the two. These small industrial floor cleaning machines are ideal for spaces that are 15,000 square feet and smaller. Since a standing operator has to manually push this equipment, it is not the most efficient option for larger facilities.

Of course, pad-assisted or wheel-driven systems assist the operator in pushing the machine. Small industrial floor cleaning machines are also easier to maneuver through small aisles or around tight corners.

If your facility is larger than 15,000 square feet, a ride-on scrubber is the best choice. Small, mid-size, and large ride-on models are available.

Small ride-on options have a cleaning path of 20 to 24 inches and are designed to clean 15,000 to 40,000 square feet. Mid-size floor scrubber machines have a cleaning path of 26 to 32 inches and are best for 25,000 to 100,000 square feet. Large models have a cleaning path of 34 to 45 inches and are great for facilities larger than 100,000 square feet.

Keep in mind that if your facility is a bit larger than 15,000 square feet, but has narrow doorways and aisles, it still may be a smart decision to invest in a walk-behind floor scrubber machine. These numbers are not set in stone. Above all else, make sure you can maneuver the floor scrubber machine around your facility before investing.

Once you know what type of industrial floor scrubber you’re looking for, fill out this short form. We’ll match you with floor scrubber machines that fit your needs.

Industrial Floor Sweeper Sizes

If you’re looking for an industrial floor sweeper, you have the same two main options as you do for scrubbers.

Walk-behind sweepers are ideal for areas 15,000 square feet or less, while ride-on sweepers are a fit for anything larger. For maximum productivity, choose an industrial floor sweeper that matches the size and openness of your facility.

If you plan to use an industrial floor sweeper for outdoor purposes, choose a street sweeper or parking lot sweeper.

There are three types of street sweepers. Mechanical brooms are best for heavy debris like millings and sand. Vacuum street sweepers are ideal for small debris like leaves or trash and are typically used for municipal services. Regenerative air sweepers are best for fine debris like dust or dirt and are the most multi-purpose and eco-friendly option.

If you’re in search of a parking lot sweeper, consider lot size and type of space. Typically, a walk-behind parking lot sweeper is ideal for indoor garages, while ride-on options are best for outdoor lots.

Find the industrial floor sweeper your facility needs. Browse floor cleaning machines by type. Start by filling out this short form to let us know what you’re looking for.

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Choosing an Industrial Cleaning Machine

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