How to Select the Right Floor Scrubber Brush

August 19 2020

Wet floor machine brushes attached to the front of an industrial scrubber

Choosing the right floor scrubber brush for your equipment is critical to its effectiveness and productivity. Industrial floor scrubbers have evolved over the years, and as they have, more brush options have appeared.

Some floor scrubber brush types can actually damage certain flooring. You’ll want to be careful to choose floor machine brushes that will safely clean your flooring type.

Each of the different floor scrubber head and floor scrubber brush types available is intended for a specific set of applications. The choices you make will depend on the type of flooring at your facility, and the level of dirt and debris.

ScrubberShop is here to help you understand each of your options before you decide. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to determine the proper scrubber head and scrubber brush (or scrubber pad) for your facility.

Floor Scrubber Head Types

There are three types of scrubber heads. Each one has a different shape and purpose. Before choosing a floor scrubber brush, it’s important to know what head your scrubber needs.

1. Disk

Disk scrubber heads are the most common type. They are made up of a single or double rotating disk fitted with a floor scrubber brush or pad. The rotational motion of the disk head loosens dirt from the floor.

Disk heads use different floor scrubber brush types to accommodate general cleaning, deep scrubbing, and even floor stripping applications. Disk scrubbers are the most versatile option and can be found in retail, healthcare, and educational facilities.

2. Cylindrical

Cylindrical heads hold a floor scrubber brush that runs horizontally under the equipment. Some have two brushes that counter-rotate to attack grout lines from multiple directions. Different floor scrubber brush types can be attached to these heads for versatility.

Cylindrical scrubbers are typically used in facilities with large amounts of debris because they eliminate the need for pre-sweeping. Use these scrubbers in industrial plants, parking garages, and manufacturing facilities.

3. Square Oscillating

Square oscillating scrubbers are fairly new. These scrubber heads move back and forth quickly to agitate floor dirt. These heads can be fitted with stripping floor scrubber pads to strip floor finish or floor scrubber pads for routine cleaning.

Square oscillating scrubbers are typically used for chemical-free stripping. They are also used for the cleaning of vinyl tile floors, concrete, and other dynamic surfaces.

Floor Scrubber Brush Types

There are a variety of floor scrubber brush types, depending on the flooring type at your facility.

1. Poly

Use poly brushes for general scrubbing applications. They’re more durable than plastic and can effectively access small crevices and grout lines. This makes them ideal floor machine brushes for uneven surfaces. Use this floor scrubber brush type for vinyl, concrete, terrazzo, epoxy, ceramic, and linoleum flooring.

2. Nylon

Nylon brushes have great bristle bend recovery. These floor machine brushes are the most versatile option and can be used on almost any flooring type, including tile, wood, concrete, and laminate. This type of floor scrubber brush is also highly resistant to abrasion.

3. Scrub Grit

Scrub grit brushes are even more durable than their counterparts, with short and thick bristles that effectively remove grime. Use these floor machine brushes on resilient surfaces like tile, terrazzo, concrete, and epoxy.

4. Strip Grit

Strip grit brushes are designed for aggressively rough scrubbing. These floor machine brushes are typically used to strip finishes from tile flooring. They are also used to remove grease, wax, sealant, and other industrial byproducts from concrete floors. Check your flooring manufacturer guidelines before using this floor scrubber brush.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Keep in mind that floor scrubber pads are also available. If your flooring is flat without crevices or cracks, floor machine pads are a great alternative. Pads can’t reach into small spaces as brushes can, but they’re typically gentler on the flooring. Floor machine pads are also significantly cheaper.

On the other hand, floor machine brushes are better for cleaning uneven surfaces, like concrete. The bristles of a floor scrubber brush can clean uneven surfaces more effectively than a flat pad. Though typically more expensive, brushes are more durable and tend to last longer than commercial floor scrubber pads.

Whether you need floor machine pads or brushes depends on your facility’s flooring type. Be sure to check flooring manufacturer guidelines before buying commercial floor scrubber pads.

Large floor scrubber brush attached to a disc scrubber head

Finding the Right Equipment for Your Business

Investing in the right equipment is critical to the success of your business. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which one is best.

Luckily, ScrubberShop is with you every step of the way. From choosing equipment to picking floor machine pads or brushes, we have you covered.

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