Floor Scrubber Maintenance Guide: Extend the Life of Your Machine

November 15 2022

Floor scrubbers often cost thousands of dollars (especially the ride-on type) and are most effective when kept in good condition. If you want your floor scrubber to last as long as possible and perform reliably at all times, it’s important to prioritize proper floor scrubber maintenance.

Floor Scrubber Maintenance Tips

A floor scrubber is an expensive piece of equipment that has a variety of moving parts. These parts must be properly maintained to ensure they work well for as long as possible. Costly repairs, unexpected downtimes and expensive replacements may be necessary if you fail to maintain your floor scrubber.

Since these types of machinery are important for daily cleaning operations, it’s well worth the time and effort involved in performing regular maintenance services. Some types of maintenance should be performed after each use of the machine, while other types only need to be performed occasionally, according to a specific schedule. Here are a few floor scrubber maintenance tips to keep in mind for your machine to perform beautifully and reliably.

Read the Owner’s Manual

The first thing you should do when determining the maintenance schedule for your piece of machinery is to read your floor scrubber owner’s manual. The manual will give you detailed maintenance information specific to your model. Since different models may have different maintenance requirements, make sure you’re looking at the owner’s manual for your machine’s specific model. If you don’t have a hard copy, you should be able to find the correct owner's manual online.

Check and Clean Tanks, Filters, and Hoses

Tanks, filters, and hoses need to be inspected frequently as part of your floor scrubber maintenance program to make sure they’re clean and don’t have any leaks. You should also deodorize your tank to make sure it doesn’t develop a bad smell. If your machine’s tank or supply lines become too dirty, they can give off unpleasant odors that are hard to eliminate. Dirty tanks and filters can also make the machine run less effectively and can eventually cause the machine to stop working. You should inspect and clean tanks, filters, and hoses after each use of the machine.

Check and Replace Brushes, Pads, and Squeegee

If your machine’s brushes, pads, and squeegee become too dirty or worn out, they will stop working the way they should. These components of your floor scrubber should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. If you notice signs of wear and tear to any of these components, promptly replace them to ensure your machine continues to work efficiently. Anytime you notice a problem with your floor scrubber’s functionality, try to troubleshoot the issue so you can figure out how to resolve it.

Get More Floor Scrubber Maintenance Tips

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