How to Keep Your Floor Scrubber in Good Shape

January 28 2021

Emptying the recovery tank of a floor scrubber

Cleaning a floor scrubber may seem strange. After all, isn’t it the one that’s supposed to be doing all the cleaning?

The truth is, taking a few moments to care for your floor scrubber after every use will help extend its lifespan. It’ll also keep it working properly so that you can avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Protect the productivity and efficiency of your facility with these floor scrubber maintenance tips.

5 Tips for Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Here are five things you should do after using a floor scrubber:

1. Empty/Clean the recovery tank.

Your equipment removes dirt and debris from the floor and deposits them into a recovery tank. This tank should be emptied after every use. To empty the recovery tank, turn off your equipment and straighten the pipe so you can remove the cover. Then, place the pipe in a drain while the tank empties. Wipe out the insides of the tank with a cloth to eliminate the possibility of buildup.

2. Empty/Clean the solution tank.

In addition to the recovery tank, your floor scrubber has an additional tank that the cleaning solution comes out of. You should always empty this tank after using a floor scrubber. Otherwise, the chemicals in the cleaning solution can erode and damage parts of the equipment. After you’ve emptied the tank, remove the solution tank filter and rinse it in pure water.

3. Remove/Clean any brushes, pads, or squeegees.

Thoroughly rinse your floor scrubber brushes, pads, and squeegees. Look for breakages or tears in the rubber. If you find any defects, be sure to replace these parts before your next clean.

4. Wipe down the equipment.

Wipe your equipment with an all-purpose cleaner and damp cloth. While dirt and debris may seem innocent, they can quickly travel into cracks and crevices and damage your machine. On the same note, rub oil on the joints of your floor scrubber regularly. Proper floor scrubber maintenance can help you avoid expensive repairs.

5. Recharge the battery.

If you used your equipment for 30 minutes or more, go ahead and recharge the battery to prepare it for its next use. Try not to completely drain your battery charge when using a floor scrubber. Instead, keep at least a partial charge. If your machine uses a deep-cycle battery, check its water level.

Worker using a floor scrubber to clean vinyl flooring

Replacing Your Equipment

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