Floor Scrubber Pads: An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Color

September 15 2021

Selecting the right floor scrubber pads for your equipment is critical to the success of your business. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find the perfect fit.

Floor scrubber pad colors indicate their scrubbing aggressiveness. Each color has a different meaning and should be used for different applications.

Follow the floor pad color chart below. Choose the best floor scrubber pads for your machine.

Floor Pad Color Chart

This floor pad color chart shows a basic breakdown of which applications each scrubber pad color correlates with. Learn more about the specifics in the section below.

A list of the different floor scrubber pad colors and their uses

Understanding Floor Scrubber Pad Colors

Now that you’ve seen the floor pad color chart and have a better understanding of the general applications associated with each color, let’s dig deeper.

Here’s more information to help you choose the best floor scrubber pads for your facility.

Black Scrubber Pads

Black scrubber pads are the most aggressive of all the floor scrubber pad colors. These floor scrubber pads are used to strip flooring. In other words, they are used to remove all finish from flooring via wax stripper. These pads have an open weave to help remove emulsified finish without “clogging”.

If you intend to remove floor finish on durable flooring like commercial vinyl, smooth concrete, or industrial flooring, then these floor scrubber pads may be best for you.

Brown Scrubber Pads

Like black pads, brown scrubber pads are aggressive stripping pads. They are slightly milder than black pads, but still more aggressive than all other options. Use these floor scrubber pads to strip certain types of flooring, or simply scrub and clean very dirty floors. Don’t use brown pads to clean soft flooring, but they can be used on commercial vinyl flooring or smooth concrete.

Green Scrubber Pads

Green pads are moderately aggressive, but less so than their black and brown counterparts. While brown pads may be too rough for surfaces like linoleum, green pads can tackle these floors easily. These floor cleaning pads are great for scrubbing and recoating, or simply routine cleaning.

If you plan to use green scrubber pads for routine cleaning, keep in mind that they are ideal for floors with a heavy soil load. These pads are designed to be as aggressive as possible without removing the finish. Make sure your flooring can handle this level of aggression before investing in green scrubber pads.

Blue Scrubber Pads

Blue floor cleaning pads are great for the routine cleaning of floors with a moderate soil level. They are not nearly as aggressive as black or brown pads and are just slightly less aggressive than green pads.

These floor cleaning pads can remove heavy soils and marks, however, they may also remove a thin layer of emulsion polishes, so they should only be used on certain flooring. You can use these pads to prepare flooring for recoating and burnishing as well. They are suitable for high-speed applications from 300-500 RPM.

Red Scrubber Pads

Red scrubber pads are typically used for regular, routine floor cleaning and maintenance. These floor scrubber pads are ideal for flooring with a light soil level. Use a red pad to remove dirt and debris while restoring a shine to polished surfaces.

Beige Scrubber Pads

Beige or tan pads are commonly used for spray cleaning, in which case the floor is pre-sprayed with a solution before buffing. They are also used for regular cleaning of lightly soiled flooring.

Beige pads are finer than red ones. These floor cleaning pads can be used with high-speed auto scrubbers that operate from 300 to 500 RPM.

Light Blue Scrubber Pads

Light or pale blue pads are used for burnishing. This process polishes floors, leaving them shiny and new-looking. Use these floor cleaning pads on waxed floors at incredibly high speeds up to 2,000 RPM to achieve a nice shiny finish.

White Scrubber Pads

White pads are the softest option. They exist on the opposite side of the spectrum of floor scrubber pad colors than black. As you might’ve noticed from the floor pad color chart, white and black are the two extremes, while all other colors fall somewhere in between.

Like pale blue pads, white pads are burnishing pads. Because white is the softest option, it leaves the brightest shine. However, these pads are also less durable. Use them at medium speeds of up to 350 RPM, as they may overheat at high speeds.

Custodian using floor cleaning pads to scrub industrial flooring

Great Cleaning Starts with a Great Scrubber

Now that you have a better understanding of the different floor scrubber pad colors, you’ll be able to choose the right fit for your needs. Refer to the floor pad color chart if you need a quick refresher.

Of course, before you can purchase scrubber pads, you’ll need to invest in a floor scrubber. Cleaning productivity and efficiency start with quality equipment. The right pads and brushes will do you no good if your equipment is underperforming.

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