Floor Scrubber Troubleshooting: Common Issues & How to Fix Them

July 21 2021

New squeegee blade installed to prevent floor scrubber from leaving streaks

If you own an industrial floor scrubber, floor scrubber troubleshooting is inevitable. Knowing how to deal with issues when they arise will save you lots of time and money.

ScrubberShop is here to help your business succeed. We’ll go over common floor scrubber problems and potential causes.

Once you’re able to complete floor scrubber troubleshooting, you’ll know how to address and fix any problems you encounter.

Common Floor Scrubber Problems

When functioning correctly, industrial floor scrubbers are fantastic investments. They reduce cleaning time, eliminate industrial byproducts, and even protect flooring from costly damage.

Like any equipment, problems will arise over time. Learn more about seven of the most common floor scrubber problems below.

Keep in mind that some floor scrubber warranties may require that all maintenance and servicing be handled by a certified technician. Otherwise, the warranty may be voided. Be sure to check your warranty before performing a floor machine repair by yourself.

Floor Scrubber Not Putting Out Water

One common issue is the floor scrubber not putting out water. Most models have an electric pump that delivers water to the floor. Scrubbers use filters to clean that water before it is released. They also use an electronic system to pre-mix chemicals and control water flow.

If your machine isn’t releasing water, the solution could be as simple as filling the tank. Make sure the water in the tank is at the fill line.

If this isn’t the issue, check tank valves and hoses for blockages. A clogged hose can prevent water from coming through. Your floor scrubber not putting out water could also be caused by a clogged tank filter.

Check if this is responsible for the floor scrubber not putting out water by cleaning the inline solution filter thoroughly. Turn your scrubber’s water level setting to the highest option and run the machine. Disconnect the filter. If water does not pour out, there is a clog.

If this is the case, fill your solution tank with warm water and a cup of bleach. Let it sit overnight, then disconnect the filter to see if it drains. Note: Do not run your machine with bleach.

If after this floor scrubber troubleshooting your machine still isn’t releasing water, the issue may be the solution valve. This is more complicated and requires professional floor machine repair.

Floor Scrubber Not Picking Up Water

Is your floor scrubber not picking up water? Automatic floor scrubbers have a system in place to pick up the water once the scrubbing is done. If your scrubber is leaving behind excessive amounts of water, something may be wrong.

First, check your recovery tank to make sure it isn’t full. The recovery tank is responsible for holding dirty water and solution. Empty the tank and use your equipment to see if the floor scrubber not picking up water is still an issue.

If that isn’t the solution, try unclogging the vacuum hose. You can do this with a standard broom. Just stick the handle down the hose and flush it out with water. You can also try emptying the debris tray.

If none of the floor scrubber troubleshooting works, you may need to take your equipment to a professional servicing company.

Floor Scrubber Leaves Dirty Spots

If you’re scrubbing and there’s still dirt left behind, something is wrong. Floor scrubbers are designed to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Of all floor scrubber problems, dirty spots after cleaning can be the most frustrating.

There are many different types of scrubber brushes and pads. First, make sure you’re using the right ones. As a general rule of thumb, harder flooring (like concrete) will require harder/coarser pads. Learn more about scrubber brush types and which one you need here.

Another possible cause could be incorrect pad pressure settings or chemical usage. Using the wrong chemicals can lead to other floor scrubber problems as well. Check out our blog on floor cleaning solutions here.

Brush Deck Won't Scrub

Like most battery-operated devices, scrubbers will restrict use to certain features when they’re low on battery. One of these features is the ability to lower the brush deck.

Start floor scrubber troubleshooting by checking the battery. If the battery is not the issue, the brush deck might be jammed.

Floor Scrubber Leaving Streaks

Is your floor scrubber leaving streaks of water behind it? If so, your squeegee blade isn’t fully level with the floor. Check your squeegee for wear. It likely needs to be replaced. (Keep in mind that you can simply flip the blade over to get more use out of it if one side is worn.)

If the squeegee blade doesn’t look worn, it may simply be out of alignment. Sometimes, the blade can shift over time, which leads to the floor scrubber leaving streaks. Align the blade so that it is level, then test it out.

Floor Scrubber Won't Turn On

Walk-behind scrubbers are typically plugged in, while ride-on scrubbers are battery-powered. The only floor scrubber troubleshooting you can do if your equipment won’t turn on is checking to ensure that it is plugged in and the outlet isn’t faulty. If it’s battery-powered, check its charge.

Otherwise, you’ll need a floor machine repair. Call a professional service technician.

Short Run Time

Short run time is likely related to your battery condition. For maximum efficiency, begin every cleaning with a fully charged battery. Otherwise, other floor scrubber problems may arise, like the brush deck not scrubbing.

It could also be that you simply have an old battery that needs to be replaced. Or, your pad pressure may be too high. Using a high pad pressure requires extra power and may shorten your equipment’s run time.

Floor machine repair on an old scrubber machine

Finding Quality Equipment That Will Last

At the end of the day, the best way to reduce floor scrubber problems is to avoid them altogether. Of course, issues are inevitable, but you can limit them by investing in quality equipment.

If you’re constantly paying for one floor machine repair after another, it might be time for new equipment.

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