If Your Floor Scrubber Vacuum Isn't Working, This Is for You!

May 12 2021

An operator pushing an industrial floor scrubber and its floor scrubber vacuum is not picking up water.

If your walk-behind floor scrubber vacuum's not working, there are different problems you could be facing. Maybe your walk-behind floor scrubber isn't picking up water or it's leaving streaks. Your floor scrubber vacuum might not even turn on at all.

The right solution depends on the issue you're encountering.

That's why ScrubberShop is here. We'll cover everything from if your floor scrubber isn't picking up water to what to do if your floor scrubber vacuum's not working. You'll get information that will help minimize repair costs and time.

You can apply these tips to different industrial floor scrubber types, but always act within your manufacturer guidelines. Also, understand this is not a replacement for professional servicing.

Learn how to identify why your walk-behind floor scrubber vacuum's not working and how to replace the scrubber vacuum below.

Common Walk-Behind Scrubber Issues

Vacuum Motor Isn't Running

Any time a function on your walk-behind floor scrubber isn't coming on, you're either facing an operator issue or battery problem.

Operator issues arise when the walk-behind scrubber isn't adequately charged. You can combat this by plugging your walk-behind scrubber in after every use and making sure that, when it is plugged in, it's actually charging. Leaving batteries uncharged will run them very quickly.

If it's a battery issue, check the cable batteries for corrosion. Corroded terminals will lead to disconnections, so clean the terminals before taking the cables off. It's time for a replacement if you find the cables overly corroded.

To ward off battery corrosion otherwise, use battery corrosion spray or a baking soda/water mixture to clean terminals.

Floor Scrubber Vacuum Suction Issues

If you're experiencing water being left behind on the floor, or if your floor scrubber isn't picking up water at all, your industrial floor scrubber is experiencing suction issues. This is often due to the squeegees. Remove and inspect the squeegees from your scrubbers individually.

Look for rips, tears, frayed edges, or any other wear when checking your squeegees. If you find a lot of damage on your squeegees, flip them to an unused edge or replace them.

A Break in the Vacuum Hose

Another reason your walk-behind floor scrubber isn't picking up water is your vacuum hose. Check for any holes or cracks in the hose, however minor. Any piercing or break, of any size, can cause bad water pick-up.

How To Replace The Scrubber Vacuum Motor

If your floor scrubber vacuum's not working, it might be time to replace the motor. Follow the steps on how to replace the scrubber vacuum motor below:

  1. The first step in how to replace the scrubber vacuum is by turning off the key switch on the control panel.
  2. Drain the recovery tank by removing the drain hose from the holder and placing it over the floor drain. To begin the actual draining process, twist off the hose plug. Finally, lift the recovery tank up.
  3. Collect the tie-down straps securing the wiring. Then, cut the straps and disconnect the vacuum motor electrical connection.
  4. Remove the vacuum motor cover so that the mounting screws are bare. If the vacuum motor cooling fan guard comes off, make sure to reassemble it prior to running the motor.
  5. Take off your industrial floor scrubber's vacuum motor. Also remove the foam pieces, paying special attention to how they were positioned.
  6. The last step in how to replace the scrubber vacuum is by reassembling the removed parts in reverse order.
An industrial floor scrubber vacuum not working, that's being operated by a worker.

Investing in Quality Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Walk-behind scrubbers are a great asset to any facility. Their flexible performance and efficient speed has added essential value to many businesses. However, just like any other equipment, they will wear over time.

While you can always rent an industrial floor scrubber if yours is in the shop, there comes a time where replacement is necessary. A good industrial floor scrubber will keep your floors in ideal condition for years to come. This is why it's important to invest in a high-quality walk-behind scrubber. That's where ScrubberShop comes in.

All ScrubberShop needs to know is what you're looking for. Once ScrubberShop has your specifications, we'll send you free quotes on the best equipment for your business. It's that easy.

Find Your Walk-Behind Scrubber Today.

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