Best Floor Scrubbers for Schools and Universities

November 29 2022

Public and private schools, as well as universities, all need clean flooring. Sparkling flooring is vital for maintaining a great reputation with parents, students, and private backers. Well-maintained floors also help to create a safe learning environment. These factors make floor scrubbers for schools a wise investment and often an essential part of facility maintenance.

The Benefits of Industrial Floor Scrubbers for Schools

Some schools still rely on having janitorial staff sweep and mop floors by hand. Why are floor scrubbers a better choice when it comes to floor care for school facilities?

Time Savings

Many universities and schools have limited time available for floor cleaning. However, to keep floors in excellent condition, it’s necessary to have a regular cleaning program.

Industrial floor scrubbers are a great solution, speeding up floor maintenance and refinishing considerably. Tasks that would take all night by hand may be completed in an hour or two with a high-quality floor cleaning machine.

Cost Benefits

Focusing on the initial purchase cost of floor scrubbers for schools only tells part of the story. In reality, purchasing a floor scrubber can often help educational facilities save a lot of money. This is because labor costs are often the largest expense related to floor cleaning in schools, even more than equipment and supplies.

Paying additional employees by the hour for school maintenance adds up quickly. In contrast, equipment is a one-time purchase that delivers great, efficient results night after night.

Health Benefits for Staff and Students

It’s possible to keep school floors disinfected with regular mopping, but only if staff follows proper procedures. These steps are time-consuming and labor-intensive, so employees may cut corners. Improper washing with dirty mops only spreads grime and germs around instead of cleaning.

On the other hand, high-tech floor scrubbers are thorough and easy to manage. They can clean, disinfect and rinse school floors nearly instantaneously. Using cleaning machines is faster and more effective than mopping by hand.

With industrial floor scrubbers for schools, surfaces don’t just look clean; they are clean. Eliminating cold and flu germs can help protect teaching staff and students alike.

Improved Floor Cleaning in Schools

Floor scrubbers deliver better cleaning quality all around. They can provide in-depth floor care for school facilities, removing ground-in dirt, gum, spots and other soils. These are things that simple mopping can’t do.

The right equipment allows maintenance staff to clean floors more thoroughly. According to one study, using a floor scrubber is 90% more effective than mopping.

Facility Safety

To keep up with maintenance requirements, some schools have janitorial staff working during classroom hours. Wet floors are a nightmare for campus safety, both for faculty and students. No board wants to receive a lawsuit related to slip-and-fall injuries.

Industrial floor scrubbers for schools can help in several ways. First, they scrub, rinse and dry floors in a few quick passes so floors don’t stay wet. Second, the time savings makes it easier to fit cleaning and refinishing into times when few people are around.

The Difficulties of Floor Cleaning in Schools and Universities

Cleaning floors effectively can be a challenge for universities and schools:

  • Traffic: Schools have huge levels of foot traffic as students go from classroom to classroom multiple times a day. The excessive traffic wears quickly on finishes.
  • Flooring: Many institutions have different types of flooring materials, including ceramic tile, commercial tile, terrazzo, vinyl plank and engineered hardwood. These materials require different cleaning processes.
  • Scheduling difficulties: Universities may have classes in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. This can complicate floor refinishing tasks.
  • Layout: Unlike retail stores, schools have a mixture of large and small areas that require cleaning, including classrooms, offices, hallways, stairwells, elevators, cafeterias, gyms, bathrooms and locker rooms.

Floor scrubbers for schools can overcome these challenges smoothly. The large variety of models makes it easy for educational institutions to find the right equipment for specific needs. There are robotic floor scrubbers that reduce labor costs significantly, high-quality micro-scrubbers that can reach any space, walk-behind scrubbers for all-around cleaning, and industrial floor scrubbers to clean the largest universities.

Top Manufacturers of Industrial Floor Scrubbers

When planning floor care for school facilities, it’s important to balance price with quality. Durable equipment provides excellent results and dependability, essential for any facility maintenance program. Here are trusted brands and models to consider.


Tennant floor scrubbers balance state-of-the-art technology with top quality. This brand offers an enormous range of models, including ride-on industrial scrubbers, micro-scrubbers and floor scrubbers for schools:

  • CS5: This portable, square micro-scrubber is fantastic for cleaning classrooms, bathrooms and office areas.
  • T300: A jack-of-all-trades, the T300 can adapt to a wide variety of floor surfaces and environments, from hallways to cafeterias.
  • T7AMR: An efficient robotic scrubber, the T7AMR can navigate around obstacles and handle cleaning tasks automatically.


Nilfisk-Advance is a legendary name in floor cleaning. An industry leader, Nilfisk has a reputation for heavy-duty performance and excellent quality. It also offers a range of price points for educational institutions.

The SC6500 rider floor scrubber is one of the most versatile industrial floor machines out there.  It can handle high-volume scrubbing effortlessly. This model is popular because of its capabilities for concrete, stone flooring, tile floors and many other surfaces.

Factors To Consider With Floor Care for School Facilities

The best options for floor cleaning depend on several factors:

  • Total square feet of facility
  • Layout of flooring
  • Type of floor materials installed
  • Availability and cost of labor
  • Required cleaning schedule

These factors especially affect the needed capacity of floor scrubber models. Larger floor scrubbers have tanks with a greater capacity for continuous cleaning. It’s also important to choose a profile that can fit through hallways and doors.

A Wide Range of Industrial Floor Scrubbers for Schools

Selecting the best floor scrubbers for schools doesn’t have to be complicated. At ScrubberShop, we can help maintenance personnel find options that fit any institution's budget and needs. Just submit a few details about the facility’s size and get complete pricing and expert recommendations right away. Get the best price available locally by comparing online today.

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