Happy Holidays from ScrubberShop

December 23 2020

2020 is almost over. It has been a tough year, and the holiday season is much needed. We’re all eagerly awaiting 2021, but before we start the new year, it’s important to take a moment and reflect.

ScrubberShop is here to help you succeed. We have you covered with lessons from the year and tips to make the next one even better.

We're Thankful for You

Our biggest takeaway from 2020 is that we would be nowhere without you. Thank you for trusting us with big decisions, like which industrial floor scrubber you should invest in for your business.

ScrubberShop is dedicated to simplifying floor cleaning solutions. Whether you’re looking for an industrial floor scrubber or sweeper, we have you covered. We believe you shouldn’t have to browse dozens of sites or beg for honest, upfront pricing on floor scrubbers for sale. That’s why we’ve streamlined the buying process for you.

Thank you for your support this year. We want you to know that all of our decisions are made with you in mind, and that will continue into 2021 and beyond.

2020 Lessons

This year has emphasized the importance of health and cleanliness, especially in the workplace. Germs spread fast and the consequences are harsh. We wrote this article to help you adapt your cleaning practices to account for the COVID-19 virus, and this one with tips on keeping schools safe during the pandemic.

We even covered the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. In addition to floor maintenance, stopping the spread has become a priority. Going into the new year, it is going to be critical for facilities to have the proper tools to keep their employees and visitors safe.

Investing in proper equipment is investing in your business. Protect the health of your workers, the productivity of your operation, and the brand of your company with proper floor cleaning equipment.

Industrial floor scrubber with lights and a bow

2021 Goals

Preparedness is key going into 2021. It is impossible to know what the future brings, but the best we can do is prepare our companies so that they can succeed in any environment.

Invest in your business whenever you get the opportunity. Make it a priority. Add your business to the list of people you need to buy gifts for this holiday season. Think about your current cleaning protocol. Is it time to replace your industrial sweeper or scrubber?

If so, turn to ScrubberShop. We carry the best prices year-round. That’s because our inventory includes equipment from a variety of pre-screened dealers and sellers. Receive free price quotes on all your options. Compare floor scrubbers for sale in one place before you commit.

Plus, if you use ScrubberShop during the holidays, you could win some great prizes. Learn more about our giveaway here.

The holiday season may look a little different this year, but we are thankful to be here and are excited to see what the new year brings. Happy holidays from our family to yours. Thanks for using ScrubberShop!

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