Should Your Business Invest in an Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine?

December 06 2022

Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines for Sale

Clean floors are essential for any business location, including manufacturing companies, retailers, and sales businesses. Regular cleaning provides many benefits, such as improving air quality and making your business look more attractive. Your company can enjoy high-quality facility cleaning and valuable time savings with an industrial floor cleaning machine. This guide can help you decide what equipment fits your needs the best.

What Is an Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine?

Put simply, industrial floor cleaning equipment refers to auto scrubbers and floor sweepers built for industrial settings. These machines can help in many locations, including factories and warehouses. Industrial floor scrubbers are generally built with heavy-duty materials that can withstand harsher work environments.

What Are the Differences Between Industrial Floor Machines and Regular Auto Scrubbers?

Commercial auto scrubbers can take care of floor maintenance tasks for grocery stores, automotive showrooms, and other interiors that have tile flooring. Industrial floor cleaning machines can clean practically any surface, including rough concrete.

Heavy-Duty Design

Manufacturing facilities and warehouses can be challenging to maintain. There may be metal shavings and other types of leftover debris on floors. The manufacturing process may cover floors with a thick layer of dirt and grime daily. Dust can get in cracks and be hard to remove. Industrial scrubbers and sweepers sometimes feature cylindrical scrub heads that perform better around debris.

Durable Construction

Busy workers in industrial plants aren’t always careful around cleaning equipment. Building interiors and exteriors are full of hard surfaces that can scratch or dent floor machines. The materials and construction of an industrial floor cleaning machine can stand up to punishing work conditions. Many industrial floor scrubbers have metal guard plates, for example.

Wide Specs

Warehouses and other industrial spaces tend to be huge. Thanks to their wide profiles, industrial floor scrubbers can keep up with cleaning demands. You can find models with widths of 48 to 62 inches, cleaning a large floor area in every pass.

Operator Convenience

Many industrial floor machines are ride-on or stand-on models. They reduce worker fatigue and keep your personnel comfortable on the job. These models usually offer more features for in-depth cleaning as well.

Large Capacity

With larger tanks and increased battery or propane power, industrial scrubbers can go longer and further without needing to refill. Many models have tanks of 50–100 gallons. The largest floor scrubbers can clean over 100,000 square feet with every tank.

Over the years, the line between commercial and industrial floor equipment has blurred somewhat. For example, you can find ride-on scrubbers with a large capacity but a narrower profile for hospital and educational settings. The important thing is to choose the right specifications and features for your business’s needs.

How Can an Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Help Your Business?

Heavy-duty floor cleaning equipment offers many advantages compared to conventional cleaning methods:

  • Increased productivity: With a large-capacity floor machine, your team can get more work done in the same amount of time. Take on more jobs and make more money.
  • Better worker safety: Mops and brooms can be dangerous for employee health, contributing to back problems over time. Scrubbers help your cleaning team get the job done comfortably.
  • Lower maintenance costs: Personnel costs are a major business expense in some places. An industrial floor cleaning machine can reduce the time required to complete the job and reduce the number of employees required for the task. This can save your business a lot of money.
  • Superior cleaning results: Heavy-duty floor scrubbers are more effective at removing ground-in dirt, dust, and debris. This maintains flooring in better condition, potentially helping it last longer.
  • Cost-effective performance: The initial cost of an industrial floor scrubber is higher than other models, but when you have heavy-duty materials and greater cleaning speed, your business can save a lot in the long run.

Even for smaller facilities, floor-cleaning machines can make an enormous difference. Having workers mop a floor represents nearly half of the total time required for cleaning. With a floor scrubber, things go much more quickly, saving your personnel time and saving your business money. Multiply those numbers for a massive industrial facility, and it’s easy to see why floor equipment is such a smart choice.

Which Businesses Benefit From Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines?

Any business that needs a combination of heavy-duty cleaning power and large-scale maintenance capacity can benefit from industrial floor scrubbers. These companies fall into many categories:

  • Contract cleaning and construction clean-up businesses
  • Schools and universities
  • Logistics and warehousing companies
  • Food and beverage producers
  • Manufacturers
  • Grocery stores, clothing retailers, and malls
  • Event centers and sporting venues
  • Health care companies

With so many different options available, it’s not difficult to find cleaning equipment that adapts to a business’s cleaning needs and maintenance budget.

What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing an Industrial Floor Machine?

Industrial floor cleaning equipment comes in many sizes and styles. Before you choose, consider these factors:

  • Facility size: Check the amount of total square footage scrubbers can clean per hour and tank.
  • Power source: Decide whether propane or battery power fits the needs of your personnel and facility better. Propane tanks last a long time and are easy to refill quickly, but some industries, such as health care, prefer electric models.
  • Building layout: Grocery stores and airports often need large-capacity scrubbers with narrower profiles to fit through aisles and doorways.
  • Expansion plans: Make sure your scrubber has the necessary capacity for your goals.
  • Floor-type: For interiors and exteriors, you may want a combination sweeper and scrubber. Cylindrical heads are better for concrete and rotary options are better for commercial tile surfaces.
  • Maintenance budget: Don’t sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. Go with the largest size you can afford, but choose trusted manufacturers.

Which Are the Best Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine Brands?

Several main manufacturers in the industrial floor cleaning sector include Nilfisk-Advance, Power Boss, Factory Cat, and Tennant. All of these brands have an excellent reputation for high-quality products, advanced tech, and great customer service. Compare industrial floor cleaning machine models with ScrubberShop. All you have to do is answer a few questions and our team sends you custom recommendations for your business.

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