How to Care for Your Industrial Floor Cleaning Machines

August 05 2020

Industrial floor cleaning machines being used in an indoor facility

Industrial floor cleaning machines are a great investment that can help you save money on janitorial costs long-term. However, if your equipment doesn’t last its full lifetime, that investment goes down the drain.

Properly cleaning and caring for your janitorial equipment is critical to extending its functionality. Floor scrubber repair gets expensive. Routine maintenance can help you avoid issues altogether before a repair is necessary.

ScrubberShop is here to help you at every step of the facility cleaning process. We’ve created a cohesive list of floor scrubber maintenance tips for you to consider on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Consider these tips to avoid expensive scrubber repairs. Here’s everything you need to know about caring for your industrial floor scrubber.

How to Care for an Industrial Floor Scrubber

Caring for your industrial floor scrubber is incredibly important. If you want your equipment to function well for a long time, you’ll need to take care of it.

In general, make sure you read the user’s manual to understand exactly what your equipment requires. The manual should also give you storage tips. In general, be sure to store your industrial floor scrubber in a clean and dry area. Avoid keeping the equipment outside or in the cold. Keep the squeegee and scrub head in the up position.

Daily Floor Scrubber Maintenance

Everyone who uses the janitorial equipment at your business should be aware of these simple daily guidelines. Correctly using the equipment is a critical part of floor scrubber maintenance. Post these tips at your facility to ensure proper usage.

Before each use:

  • Check the battery charge

Before you use your industrial floor cleaning machines, you’ll want to check that the equipment is fully charged. The average industrial floor scrubber can operate for six hours on a single charge. 

  • Assess scrubbers brushes, pads, squeegee blade, and scrubbing head skirt

Take a quick look at your scrubber brushes or pads. If these parts are worn, they won’t be able to perform quality janitorial floor cleaning. Make sure that your brushes and pads are in good condition. If they are, they won’t be able to thoroughly clean the floors and you’ll need to replace them.

The same applies to the squeegee blade and scrubbing head skirt. Industrial floor cleaning machines involve a lot of moving parts. Be sure your equipment is in good working order before using it.

  • Make sure the recovery tank is empty

If you start cleaning with water in the recovery tank, you’ll likely have to stop cleaning at some point to empty it. Save time on janitorial floor cleaning by starting with an empty tank. Also, don’t forget to fill your solution tank with clean water and solution before each use.

After each use:

  • Charge the equipment

It takes around four hours to charge an industrial floor scrubber. The last thing you want to do is get ready to use your equipment only to have to wait for hours to use it because it is low on charge. Go ahead and plug it in as soon as you’ve finished using it. This will give it time to charge before you need it again.

  • Empty and clean both tanks

Once you’ve finished cleaning, be sure to empty both the recovery tank and the solution tank. Make sure your industrial floor cleaning machines are turned off before doing this. After emptying the tanks, rinse and clean each one. Residue build-up can cause long-term issues in terms of corrosion and chemical damage.

  • Clean the solution tank filter, brushes, pads, and squeegee blade

Remove any dirt or debris from the solution tank filter by rinsing it with water. Then, just as you did before using the janitorial equipment, assess the condition of the brushes, pads, and squeegee blade. Rinse each part, or replace them if necessary. Be sure to invest in the right brushes or pads for your specific floor type.

  • Wipe down the entire machine

Using an all-purpose cleaner and slightly damp cloth, wipe down the industrial floor cleaning machine. Avoid using too much water and pat dry after cleaning to prevent water damage. If you aren’t sure whether or not a certain cleaner is suitable, check the instruction manual.

Weekly Floor Scrubber Maintenance

On a weekly basis, regardless of whether or not you’ve used your equipment for janitorial floor cleaning, you should assess the condition of your batteries. This includes checking the fluid level, looking for loose or corroded cables, and cleaning battery tops.

Cleaning battery posts and connections with a baking soda and water solution can help prevent corrosion. During application, do not allow the solution to enter the battery cells. Remember, batteries are dangerous. Wear gloves and avoid contact with battery acid when caring for your equipment.

Monthly Floor Scrubber Maintenance

On a monthly basis, you should perform a full assessment of your janitorial equipment. This involves checking for any issues, then performing any necessary floor scrubber repairs. First, look for any leaks and tighten loose fasteners.

Second, lubricate as needed. Apply silicone spray or approved grease to pivot points or other areas as needed. If you have questions about whether or not a certain lubricant is suitable for your janitorial equipment, check the manual or contact your manufacturer.

Third, flush the solution system. While your machine is situated over a floor drain, pour three gallons of hot water and alkaline detergent into the solution tank. Run the machine with solution control on for about 45 seconds. Then, turn off the machine. Let it sit overnight before draining the remaining solution and rinsing the tank with water.

Finally, perform a quick visual assessment of the entire machine. If any issues are found, take the equipment out of service until the floor scrubber repairs are complete.

Worker using janitorial floor cleaning equipment at an indoor facility

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