Industrial Floor Scrubber Brush vs Pad: Which is Better?

July 12 2023

Buying a floor scrubber is a smart investment, but it’s also a serious decision. You have to consider factors such as size, tank capacity and power source. For industrial applications, you also need to choose between floor scrubber brush vs pad driver models.

Floor Scrubber Brush vs Pad: What is the Difference?

Floor brushes have long durable strands that reach deep into floor surfaces. General-purpose brushes are made of long-lasting polypropylene, and lighter brushes use softer nylon bristles. There are also aggressive wire brushes for scouring.

Pad drivers install like floor brushes but have short spikes instead of long bristles. Along with locking mechanisms, these spikes allow for a firm grip on floor pads. You can find floor pads in a huge variety of grits, including soft white pads for buffing, blue pads for everyday scrubbing and heavy-duty black pads for stripping.

Floor Scrubber Brush vs Pad: Which Is Better for Industrial Facilities?

The specifics depend on the range of floor surfaces you have in your facility, but floor scrubber brushes are generally the best choice for industrial applications. Many factories have concrete floors with cracks and crevices. For these conditions, scrubber brushes deliver better cleaning performance.

Floor Scrubber vs Pad: What Factors Should You Consider?

To get the most bang for your buck, the floor machine you buy should be a good fit for your facility.


Floor brushes require a larger upfront purchase, but they can save you money in the long run. Depending on the size of your machine, a single brush often costs over $200-$250. In comparison, floor pads usually cost $6-$10 each.

That said, with proper care, a floor brush can last ages compared to floor pads. When you consider how quickly floor pads wear out and how often you need to purchase them over the years, suddenly a $250 investment doesn’t look bad.

Floor Care Needs

If you’re going to be performing a wide variety of floor care tasks, the versatility of floor pads can work in your favor. Different types of pads let you handle floor stripping, daily maintenance, buffing and burnishing. The same floor machine can do it all. Floor brushes are primarily for scrubbing and stripping.

Floor Type

Floor pads work well on flat, finished surfaces, such as commercial floor tile, epoxy flooring, granite, travertine and marble. That’s why you often see auto scrubbers with floor pads handling maintenance in airports, shopping centers, grocery stores and schools.

When it comes to any gritty surface, things change completely. Pads can’t handle grit. For pebble flooring, rough concrete, carpet tiles and other uneven floorings, you need a floor machine with brushes. Floor brushes are better for cleaning grout as well.

Floor Scrubber Brush vs Pad: Who Can You Trust?

Don’t ask janitorial supply companies to make the brush or pad decision for you. Distributors have a huge profit margin with floor pads and will push that route even when it’s not the best option for your needs.

At ScrubberShop, we just want to help you find the right floor machine for your goals and budget. You can trust our friendly team to help you decide between floor scrubber brush vs pad options. Before you make your decision, compare prices on the best new and used industrial floor scrubbers in your area.

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