Can a Robotic Floor Scrubber Improve Your Cleaning Process?

October 27 2021

A robotic cleaning machine scrubbing hallway floors

The robotic floor scrubber is the next big thing in the cleaning industry.

Businesses are facing more pressure than ever. With changing health restrictions, increased protocols, and labor shortages across the country, companies are reassessing certain areas of business.

A robotic cleaning machine may be the answer for some people. This new technology allows for efficient and effective cleaning without wasting time or resources. With a new focus on cleanliness, a mop and bucket are no longer sufficient.

Driverless floor scrubbers can reach the 15% of areas that humans miss when cleaning. They clean deeply and thoroughly without the need for an operator. This leaves workers free to focus on higher-value tasks and solves staffing issues. The cleaning industry is currently experiencing a staffing shortage of 25% with a high turnover rate. Robotic scrubbers also combat employee absenteeism and equipment accidents.

Learn more about the benefits of investing in a robotic floor scrubber to find out if this new equipment is a fit for your business.

Robotic Floor Scrubber Pros

Safety and Reliability

Like most advanced technology, robotic cleaning machines are more consistent than humans. They clean for as long as you want them to, in virtually any space. They never call in sick or waver or have slow days. The results are reliable. 

Some robotic cleaning machines collect data about performance and utilization. You can compile this data in weekly or monthly reports. It shows things like usage maps, the amount of square footage cleaned, and time spent cleaning. This useful data can help you increase efficiency at your workplace.


Robotic scrubbers are highly adaptable to different environments. This makes them popular in a variety of industries. Hospitals, schools, grocery stores, and office buildings all use robotic scrubbers. Whatever your workspace, chances are a robotic floor scrubber can service it.

Of course, a workplace with many obstacles is probably not the best fit.

Easy Operation

Driverless floor scrubbers are incredibly easy to use. Besides set-up and monitoring, robotic floor scrubbers require zero manual labor. New models come with artificial intelligence software, minimizing operator effort. Virtually anyone can use a robotic cleaning machine and achieve great results. Training time is minimal. 


As covered above, robotic cleaning machines are consistent. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency. Humans would have to take breaks. Plus, human error adds a level of inconsistency to their work. 

Driverless floor scrubbers are autonomous. They’ll free your cleaning staff up to focus on higher-value tasks, increasing business productivity.


When you use a robotic cleaning machine, you don't have to pay anyone to operate it. This saves you money. Of course, you'll need to factor in the upfront cost of the machine. However, eliminating labor costs allows for long-term savings.

Robotic Floor Scrubber Cons

Environmental Limitations

While robotic cleaning machines have impressive navigational abilities, they have their limits. They can’t safely navigate ramps or narrow hallways. Corridors are also complicated areas for robotic scrubbers. Consider your facility layout before selecting a scrubber. 

Quality Control

Robotic cleaning machines clean the spaces you want them to. That doesn’t mean they practice quality control. A human will still need to assess their work. Someone will need to check for missed areas that require additional cleaning.

However, robotic floor scrubbers can learn different cleaning paths and processes. This makes them dynamic and high-functioning. The probability that robotic scrubbers will miss areas while cleaning is low. However, all cleaning machines require some operator attention. Robotic scrubbers require less attention than other cleaning machines, but they’re no exception. 


Robotic cleaning machines are about as safe as a cleaning machine can be. However, they’re still machines at the end of the day.

These scrubbers can carve out intricate cleaning paths and dodge objects. Their technology and intelligence are impressive, but no substitute for a human driver. A child could run into the machine and disrupt its path. Animals could jump on it. Do your part by setting your machine up for success. Only operate when the aisles are clear. Otherwise, you might be facing liability for an accident.

A robotic cleaning machine tackling surface grime in a factory.


We’ve covered the business advantages of robotic cleaning machines. There’s no doubt that a robotic scrubber will make your life easier, but they aren't a fit for every business. 

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