How to Save Money on Industrial Cleaning Costs

July 08 2020

Industrial cleaning equipment in an empty facility

Industrial cleaning is a critical part of operating any business. Investing in facility cleaning is essential to the safety and success of your workplace.

Unfortunately, relying on industrial cleaning services to do the work for you can get expensive. These services charge tons of fees to cover labor, travel, equipment, time, taxes, and more.

ScrubberShop has a solution. We’ll show you how to lower your industrial cleaning budget by cutting out the middleman. Save money on labor, repairs, and even lost revenue by rethinking your business cleaning strategy.

Get commercial floor cleaning whenever you need it, without breaking the bank. Learn more about the many ways facility cleaning can actually increase the productivity of your business. Then, discover the fastest way to cut industrial cleaning costs.

The Importance of Facility Cleaning

Facility cleaning, in particular floor maintenance, is necessary for the success of your business. The appearance of your facility is the first impression visitors receive of your company. Spend time making sure that impression is positive.

In addition, commercial floor cleaning ensures the safety of your employees and visitors. Protect the health of everyone in your building by removing debris and dangerous industrial by-products from the floors.

Keeping your employees healthy keeps your wallet healthy, too. Every year in the United States, sick days cost businesses over $225.8 billion. Work-related injuries cost an additional $170.8 billion. Save money simply by prioritizing safety.

On top of that, studies have shown that employees are happier and more productive when they work in cleaner environments. Just committing to a regular industrial cleaning schedule could result in increased revenue.

Lastly, commercial floor cleaning can help your business avoid expensive flooring repairs. When ignored, granular debris repeatedly rubs against the surface of flooring throughout the workday. This can lead to small cracks and scratches in the flooring, resulting in expensive repairs over time. Regular business cleaning is important to help avoid these unnecessary costs.

Save Money on Commercial Floor Cleaning

Commercial floor cleaning is a huge expense for most businesses. The main reason is that these businesses turn to industrial cleaning services to get the job done. Some facilities simply don’t want to deal with figuring out how to clean their floors or hiring in-house employees to do the job.

Industrial cleaning services charge up to $0.25/square foot for floor scrubbing. The average commercial building is 19,000 square feet. That means facility cleaning would cost the average commercial space around $4,750.

On the other hand, an industrial floor scrubber typically costs between $500 and $50,000. If you’re looking for a manual push scrubber, you’ll likely pay under $2,500. If you need a walk-behind machine, you could pay up to $12,000. Ride-on scrubbers cost anywhere from $10,000 - $50,000.

By these numbers, even for the highest quality ride-on scrubber, you could pay off the equipment in just over 10 uses. Not willing to pay the upfront cost? Buying used equipment can cut those prices in half.

Keep in mind that the type of industrial floor scrubber you choose will determine efficiency. Ride-on scrubbers will do the job fastest, saving you additional money on labor. Spending too much time cleaning affects your ability to be productive, but so does a messy environment. Finding equipment that will fit your specific business cleaning needs is essential.

Maintenance worker using a scrubber for commercial floor cleaning

Investing in an Industrial Floor Scrubber

If you’re ready to cut your industrial cleaning costs, turn to ScrubberShop. We carry the largest inventory of industrial scrubbers and sweepers nationwide.

Investing in an industrial floor scrubber will save you money in the long run. Owning your own equipment will also allow you to clean your facility whenever needed. This is a huge convenience compared to the limited schedules most industrial cleaning services offer.

Business cleaning just got easier. Regardless of your flooring type, we have the industrial cleaning equipment for you. Find an industrial scrubber or sweeper for your facility in minutes with ScrubberShop.

Compare your options before choosing an industrial floor scrubber. Receive free pricing and information straight to your inbox. Get started today.

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