Scrubber Pads vs. Scrubber Brushes: Which is Better for Your Business

October 13 2021

An industrial scrubber cleaning the floor with a scrubber pad

All floor scrubbers either use scrubber pads or scrubber brushes. But which one is best? The answer depends on a variety of factors. 

Many businesses opt for floor scrubber pads over brushes because they have a lower upfront cost. Floor scrubber pads also have more surface area than brushes. This allows them to collect more dirt at once.

On the other hand, floor scrubber brushes are more sustainable. They're also more durable, making them more cost-effective in the long run because of their durability.

The truth is, there’s no one right answer when choosing between scrubber pads and brushes. The best choice is different for every business. Examine the pros and cons of each below. Compare your options to find the best fit for your facility and equipment.

Floor Scrubber Pads

Floor scrubber pads are easy, affordable, and popular. They attach to the head of a floor scrubber via a pad driver. The pad driver is responsible for holding the scrubber pad in place. The driver attaches to your floor scrubber in the same way a disk brush does.

Floor pads are flat with horizontal fibers. This allows them to clean very uniformly.

Pads come in various sizes and colors. Each color signifies a different level of abrasiveness. Cleaning professionals use different colors for different purposes. The colors are as follows:

  • White is the softest option. White pads are the most gentle and least aggressive. They cleandelicate or easily damaged surfaces. These pads have the shortest use, wearing down the quickest. 
  • Red and tan are the next softest pads. They’re also the most popular options. They offer medium abrasiveness for general cleaning needs. 
  • For a more aggressive clean, choose blue or green. These pads clean thoroughly without removing a floor’s finish. They will dull a floor’s finish, though. These pads are best for durable surfaces.
  • Purple, brown, and black pads are rough. These pads are used for stubborn floor finishes or sealers. They’re also used for stripping or cleaning heavily soiled floors. If you need to remove a floor’s finish, these colors are your best bet. 

Learn more about the different scrubber pad colors here.

Pads clean consistently throughout their life and are cheaper to replace than brushes. While they don’t last as long, you can simply flip pads over and use them on both sides. 

Another benefit to floor pads is that they clean in fewer passes than brushes. Cleaning, shining, and stripping are all faster and more efficient. However, you have to be careful when cleaning uneven surfaces. Debris can lodge itself in the soft pad face, scratching up the floor.

Floor Scrubber Brushes

While pads have advantages, brushes offer some pretty significant benefits of their own. 

Floor scrubber brushes outlast pads by a 200 to 1 ratio. Their continuous use saves you time and money. With pads, you’re always purchasing new ones and switching them out. With floor brushes, all you have to do is properly maintain them and you’re set! This also makes floor scrubber brushes more sustainable than pads. You’ll reduce packaging, storage, and general waste.

However, floor scrubber brushes are more expensive upfront. 

Where pads get torn up on uneven and rough surfaces, brushes are more durable. Scrubber brushes are very versatile. They’re great for smooth or flat surfacing, but you can also use them on tile, grout, or rough cement. There’s a floor scrubber brush for virtually every need.

Just as there are different pad colors, there are different scrubber brush types. Floor scrubber brushes come in various strengths to suit different cleaning needs. These types include: 

  • Nylon is the softest floor scrubber brush type. These brushes are for soft, delicate applications with easy-to-damage surfacing. 
  • Polypropylene is the standard brush type. Unless you specify a different type, this is likely the one that will come with your equipment. Polypropylene brushes aren't too soft, or too rough. They’re most commonly used for expensive surfaces. They offer a thorough clean without damage.
  • Abrasive grit is for your toughest applications. This brush type is best for rough or uneven flooring.
Floor scrubber brushes cleaning a warehouse floor.

Finding a Scrubber

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