Which Scrubber Squeegee is Best for My Facility?

January 20 2021

New scrubber squeegee on an industrial floor cleaning machine

It may seem unimportant, but your scrubber squeegee matters. The squeegee is responsible for keeping floors dry, even minutes after they’ve been cleaned.

Back in the days of mopping, wet floor signs were everywhere. Slipping and falling were legitimate hazards and cleaning had to be done at tasteful times so as not to inconvenience employees and visitors.

Now, thanks to the floor scrubber squeegee, we can enjoy clean, dry floors 24/7. If you’re purchasing an industrial floor scrubber and are choosing a scrubber squeegee, or simply need a new one, you’re in the right place. We’ll go over each of your options below.

Types of Scrubber Squeegees

There are a couple of squeegee options available. Learn more about each type before choosing one for your floor sweeper scrubber. (If you’re looking for a brush instead, check out our guide to selecting the right floor scrubber brush.

1. Urethane

A urethane scrubber squeegee is capable of removing water from almost any environment. This makes it ideal for uneven or rough surfaces. Urethane is very malleable and oil-resistant. While it is more productive than the low-cost gum rubber options, urethane is soft and may wear more quickly than harder options.

2. Gum Rubber

If you’re looking for the most cost-efficient squeegee for your floor sweeper scrubber, gum rubber is for you. Gum rubber is ideal for smooth, even surfaces. If you use your floor sweeper scrubber on tile or laminate flooring in malls, hospitals, and other large, flat spaces, this is the best choice.

3. Linatex®

Linatex® is very durable and can handle oil and harsh cleaning chemicals. This option is great for both smooth and rough surfaces. Linatex® is the standard floor scrubber squeegee found on most Tennant scrubbers.

Floor scrubber squeegees on the backs of two large commercial scrubbers

The Best Fit for Your Floor Sweeper Scrubber

Choose a floor scrubber squeegee based on your unique workplace, flooring, and equipment. Check out the recommendations for your scrubber before making a purchase.

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