Industrial Floor Scrubbers vs. Sweepers: Which is Best?

July 07 2021

This is one of the many industrial floor scrubbers that you'll benefit from.

Struggling to choose between scrubbers vs. sweepers? Ask yourself these two questions: What level of cleanliness do I need? What is my operating environment like?

No need to do any research. The answer for both lies just ahead!

Continue reading for a rundown on industrial floor scrubbers and industrial floor sweepers.

Industrial Floor Scrubbers

Industrial floor scrubbers are popular across a variety of industries. This is because they offer a very deep, thorough clean.

Industrial floor scrubbers operate through a system of brushes and vacuums. Some models have a scrubbing pad as well. They also have a tank that holds cleaning chemicals and water. The size of this tank will dictate the distance you can cover. The bigger the tank, the more space you can clean at once.

Industrial floor scrubbers clean efficiently and evenly. But are they right for you? Keep reading!

Level of Cleanliness:

Industrial floor scrubbers will leave your floor sparkling!

Scrubbers distribute water and solution evenly through their brushes. This allows them to clean every part of your floor with the same consistency. The solution makes for hygienic cleaning. The brushes work to clean as deeply as possible.

Scrubbers even pick up after themselves! As scrubbers move, their vacuum system sucks up dirty water and moves it to a recovery tank. Squeegees help facilitate this process. However, squeegees can also leave streaks if you try to scrub over large debris. Prevent this by removing larger debris from your surface prior to scrubbing. Check out this blog for more scrubber mistakes to avoid!

If you need to clean thoroughly and consistently, scrubbers are your best match.


Different types of scrubbers service different cleaning needs. There are auto scrubbers, ride-on scrubbers, and walk-behind scrubbers.

Scrubbers are commonly used indoors to combat stains and spills. Scrubbers are a good fit for work environments with a lot of oil, grease, and floor marks. This makes them a popular choice for restaurants. However, models like ride-on scrubbers are also used for outdoor areas. This includes places like garages and parking decks.

Industrial Floor Sweepers

When people choose between scrubbers vs. sweepers, sweepers are the less common pick. However, that doesn't mean they aren't a fit for your business!

Industrial floor sweepers are great for inexperienced customers. Between scrubbers vs. sweepers, industrial floor sweepers are definitely the more user-friendly option. For starters, sweepers typically require less manual labor than industrial floor scrubbers do. This makes most industrial floor sweepers easier and faster to use. Industrial floor sweeper maintenance is also simpler and cheaper.

Keep reading to find out what your best match between scrubbers vs. sweepers is.

Level of Cleanliness:

Industrial floor sweepers trap dirt and debris through their spinning brushes. It's like cleaning with a high-power brush, but without getting dust everywhere!

Sweepers are great for light surface cleaning. For more in-depth cleaning, scrubbers are a better option. Scrubbers use cleaning solutions to achieve a higher level of cleanliness. Sweepers simply remove surface-level waste efficiently.


There are many different types of sweepers. There are street sweepers, parking lot sweepers, walk-behind sweepers, and ride-on sweepers. Most sweepers service outdoor areas. However, you can use smaller models indoors.

Smaller sweepers also offer more versatility. This is because larger sweepers were specifically designed for streets and parking lots. In contrast, smaller sweepers can fit into tighter spots and service a wider range of spaces.

Overall, sweepers are better suited for the outdoors. If your working environment has a lot of dust, debris, and surface waste, it's time for a sweeper.

Floor Sweeper-Scrubbers

Why choose between scrubbers vs. sweepers when you can have both? Sweepers-scrubbers make this possible by combining both machines into one.

Many refer to floor sweeper-scrubbers as the "Swiss Army knife" of cleaning. This is because of their combined functionality. Floor sweeper-scrubbers can sweep and scrub in a single pass!

If you need both machines, sweeper-scrubbers are the most cost-effective option. Floor sweeper-scrubbers alleviate the cost of buying two separate machines. Buying one sweeper-scrubber is cheaper than purchasing a sweeper and scrubber separately.

Floor sweeper-scrubbers also eliminate downtime. If you have two machines, chances are you only use one at a time. With a dual-purpose machine, you're always getting the most out of your investment!

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