Sustainability: The Next Big Thing in Industrial Floor Cleaning

September 29 2021

An example of one of the many sustainable floor scrubber machines from Scrubbershop.

Industrial floor cleaning is a critical part of every business. It protects the health of employees and visitors while maintaining flooring and minimizing expensive damage. However, operating an industrial scrubber requires a lot of chemicals and water.

Luckily, sustainable cleaning methods are available.

Sustainable cleaning can improve work conditions, benefit your business image, and even save you money. New industry technology allows for these things to be possible.

The cleaning industry is booming with greener options. Sustainable floor cleaning is a new focus for many industrial scrubber manufacturers.

Learn how to increase the sustainability of your industrial floor cleaning methods below. Then, find an affordable sustainable floor cleaner for your business with ScrubberShop.

Sustainable Floor Cleaners

Creating a sustainable industrial floor cleaning plan involves many factors. Learn more about different aspects to consider below. Then, find an industrial floor scrubber that checks all the boxes.


Creating a sustainable industrial floor cleaning plan starts with the chemicals you're putting in your machine. Sustainable floor cleaners should use a solution that is biodegradable, bio-based, and free of any dyes or fragrances.

Consider factors like pH and ingredients. Labels like the Green Seal, EcoLogo, and EPA Design for Environment certified products will help point you in the right direction.

Learn more about different floor cleaning chemicals here.


The biggest asset of any business is organization. Implement policies that will help your employees stay on track.

Start by creating a solid industrial floor cleaning schedule and stick to it. This will ensure that you're not running your equipment more than necessary and wasting your resources.

Also, keep a record of your utility bills. You'll be able to see the savings a sustainable program earns you. Keep track of chemical usage as well. Make sure you're tracking the benefits of the program you've implemented. This will help you monitor it and make changes as needed.

Janitorial staff using an industrial scrubber to clean a floor sustainably

Industrial Scrubbers

Choosing the right industrial floor scrubber is the key to sustainable cleaning. New technology allows certain machines to clean effectively with just water, eliminating the need for chemicals. Other new machines simply reduce the amount of water necessary for operation.

New equipment can help your business get the job done efficiently. Save money by investing in a new, sustainable industrial floor scrubber.

While a scrubber can certainly get the job done, you may want to consider investing in a sweeper-scrubber machine depending on your needs. Combo machines do the tasks of two machines in one. Use one piece of equipment for multiple surfaces and applications.


There's no doubt that sustainable equipment is a great investment. If you're interested in purchasing a new industrial floor scrubber, you'll want to compare your options first.

ScrubberShop can help. We work with industry-leading dealers to collect a huge inventory of industrial scrubbers and sweepers. We offer upfront pricing on equipment online to help you make the best decision for your business.

Use our site to find economical options for your facility.

Is new equipment outside of your budget? Our site houses plenty of used machines for you to browse. We only work with pre-screened, qualified dealers. That means every used scrubber you see is guaranteed quality.

Find reliable, sustainable equipment for your business today. Invest in efficiency by purchasing a sustainable floor cleaner. Click the button below to compare equipment.

Go Green With a Sustainable Industrial Floor Scrubber.

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