Tennis Court Cleaning: Time to Incorporate a Scrubber

June 23 2021

A tennis court scrubber cleaning a the surface of a court.

Whether your court is indoors or outdoors, tennis court cleaning is essential. These surfaces are constantly exposed to dirt, dust, and debris. They're also susceptible to damage from poor maintenance.

Practicing routine tennis court maintenance is critical to keeping your court playable. Sticking to a schedule will help you catch minor issues as they appear. This will extend the life of your surfacing and keep problems from escalating into expensive repairs.

Many factors can contribute to surface damage. Tennis court cleaning machines can eliminate damage and protect athlete safety. Something as minor as excess tennis ball dust can become a health hazard, affecting a player's lungs. Apart from health, damage can also cause "dead areas", which affects ball bounce.

To keep your court in top shape, a tennis court scrubber is essential. ScrubberShop can help you find the best tennis court scrubber for your business. Learn more about this equipment below.

Tennis Court Cleaning Machines

When selecting tennis court cleaning equipment, there are a few things to consider beyond condition. Any tennis court scrubber from Scrubbershop will be good quality. Your best fit, however, is durable, cost-effective, and compatible with your floor type.

Some factors to think about while making your decision:

Tennis Court Scrubber Brush

If you've read our floor scrubber brushes blog, you know how important choosing one is. The structure of your brushes impacts your tennis court cleaning machines' power and effectiveness.

Pick a brush that coincides with your court's "hardness factor". If you have a hard concrete or asphalt court, select a stronger brush. If your courts are of softer material like acrylic and polyurethane, choose a lighter brush like nylon or poly brushes.

Brushes also come in different sizes. If you have a larger court, a longer brush will clean your court faster. A longer brush has a wider cleaning path, covering more area without compromising cleanliness. Shorter brushes are a great, budget-friendly alternative for smaller courts.

Indoor or Outdoor

Indoor and outdoor courts require different tennis court maintenance. Each one has different elements to fight, and most have different surfacing.

Outdoor courts need high-power tennis court cleaning machines. Outdoor courts come with more seasonal elements. There's moss, algae, leaf residue, and snow to account for. These courts are also made of harder surfacing, like concrete. For outdoor areas and concrete courts, ride-on floor scrubbers are the popular choice. Sweeper-scrubber combos, some made specifically for concrete use, would work just as well.

Indoor courts come with their own tennis court cleaning needs. Indoor tennis court cleaning equipment is usually used more often than outdoor equipment. Your indoor court needs something resilient, thorough, and consistent. Depending on your court size, a sweeper is a great option.

Operator Experience

User experience is important, even if you're not the one operating the tennis court cleaning equipment.

There are many ways to practice tennis court cleaning, while conserving operator energy. A ride-on scrubber cleans any-size court quickly, with little manual effort. You'll have a clean court and your operator will still have energy for more work!

A ride-on scrubber is also great for operators who aren't as strong. For less intensive tennis court cleaning, a lighter machine, like a walk-behind sweeper, is also a good option.

Tennis court maintenance occuring with tennis court cleaning equipment.

Investing in a Tennis Court Scrubber

Tennis court cleaning equipment is the foundation of your tennis court maintenance. A higher-quality tennis court scrubber makes for a better and safer court.

Another important factor of tennis court maintenance is a regular cleaning schedule. For the right machine that will withstand routine cleaning, turn to ScrubberShop.

ScrubberShop has a wide range of tennis court cleaning machines for you to choose from. Our new and used tennis court cleaning equipment will maintain your courts for years to come.

When you're ready to discover your options, use ScrubberShop's free price comparison tool. We'll help you find the best deal by sending you free quotes on equipment.

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