Top Commercial Floor Scrubber Brands & Manufacturers

February 07 2023

When shopping for a commercial floor scrubber, you want a brand you can trust. With so many on the market, how do you know which brands and manufacturers provide the best quality equipment? Consider this list of the top brands that produce floor scrubbers.

Top Commercial Floor Scrubber Brands

For first-time buyers, it can be challenging to wade through all the options. This list includes five of the top brands manufacturing quality scrubbers you can buy.

Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers

If you need a robust floor scrubber to clean tile, Factory Cat is a trusted brand with a wide selection. They make innovative ride-on and walk-behind scrubbers especially designed for smooth surfaces in an industrial setting. If you own a restaurant, hotel, or any building with uncarpeted surfaces, anything from Factory Cat is a great option.

ABCO Commerical Floor Scrubbers

ABCO is an Australia-based company with a wide range of scrubbers designed to remove stains, grease, debris, and any type of dirt you can imagine. It offers walk-behind scrubbers and ride scrubbers perfect for commercial use. The company has a reputation for producing floor scrubbers that are durable and reliable. Its commercial scrubber is powerful and easily transportable.

Grainger Floor Scrubbers

Grainger is a well-known name in the floor cleaning industry. It has scrubbers of every size with varying speeds and reaches. One of the manufacturer's most powerful scrubbers is the dual-speed Tennant floor scrubber and polisher. It is an electrical machine with a cord length of 50 feet, which is perfect for commercial spaces designed to appeal to customers. Therefore, this is an ideal option for a business owner working in a client-facing industry. You can trust the equipment to last and keep your floor shiny and new for years.

Clarke Walk Behind Floor Scrubbers

Clarke produces a universal walk-behind floor scrubber designed with a large water tank. It is perfect for large commercial areas with various types of flooring, and it has a large brush to cover more area. It also sells an automatic commercial floor scrubber with a brush assist driver system so virtually anyone can use the equipment with ease. This brand started in 1916 and continues to produce innovative designs in the floor cleaning business.

Clean City High-Pressure Floor Scrubbers

Clean City sells everything from vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers to heavy cleaning trucks and power sprayers. Its floorcare machines are multifunctional, polishing and scrubbing smooth surfaces and deep cleaning carpets. Its high-pressure equipment is excellent for cleaning commercial parking lots. If you need a floor scrubber in a facility without access to electric power, Clean City offers diesel or gasoline-powered machinery.

Get the Right Commercial Floor Scrubber for You

Every brand on this list produces high-quality floor scrubbers you can trust for your business. The most effective way to shop is to compare as many as you can before purchasing. If you have a strict budget, remember you can also find used equipment still in excellent condition. To find a new or used commercial floor scrubber, check out the inventory at ScrubberShop.

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