The 3 Best Scrubbers for Commercial Floor Maintenance This Spring

April 28 2021

A female operator practicing out-door commercial care with her ride-on floor scrubber.

With warmer weather upon us, now is the time for commercial floor maintenance! The days of suffering through winter's harsh weather are behind us. As we welcome spring, your commercial floor care will change.

Spring leaves residual winter grime. For the future, set your business up for success by visiting our winter maintenance blog. In the meantime, check out the following spring commercial floor care tips.

ScrubberShop will ensure your spring commercial floor maintenance is smooth and efficient with high quality equipment. To figure out the best scrubber type for you, keep reading!

3 Scrubber Types For Spring Cleaning

Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers.

This commercial floor machine will eliminate springtime contaminants from your small or medium-sized facility in no time! Covering an average of 20-30,000 square feet per hour, walk-behind floor scrubbers can reach all of the tight spaces where pollen and dander may linger.

The easy and straightforward operation, along with the high maneuverability, has made walk-behind floor scrubbers a favorite for all compact facilities. However, walk-behind floor scrubbers are also versatile in the spaces they service. Learn more about about your walk-behind floor scrubber options here.

Ride-On Floor Scrubbers.

Ride-on floor scrubbers are your best bet for large or outdoor areas. This commercial floor machine maximizes productivity and efficiency, both in operator and cleaning output. By allowing the worker to sit on the ride-on floor scrubber, you'll be able to scrub away springtime elements for hours on end safely and efficiently. When used indoors, ride-on floor scrubbers improve air quality.

Sweeper-Scrubber Combos.

If your commercial floor maintenance requires more intense cleaning, a combination sweeper-scrubber is the right business choice for you. Sweeper-scrubbers combine the functions of a sweeper and a scrubber by cleaning your floors effectively in a single movement.

This commercial floor machine will trap any spring debris and remove the last hints of wintertime grime for good by directing it in the vacuum. Then, sweeper-scrubbers provide a deep, hygienic cleaning with their cleaning solution and scrubber brushes that will combat the germs and bacteria spring brings.

3 Reasons For Spring Preventative Maintenance For Commercial Floors

  • Spring produces excess pollen, allergens, and insect dander. A lot of germs linger even after flu season has passed. Eliminating these contaminants with quality equipment will benefit you through longer lasting floors and healthier employees.
  • The winter to spring season sees a lot of water damage. From the excess rain, to the salt and dirt that accumulate in higher volume, there's a lot that's impacting your floors. By cleaning your floors effectively, you're also cleaning the air within your business.
  • There are two factors to take advantage of when it comes to springtime maintenance: lower levels of humidity and open windows. The decreased humidity will allow for your cleaning solutions to evaporate quicker, as there is less moisture in the air. This will combat mildew or mold from developing. If you're cleaning indoors, opening the windows while you clean will encourage fresh air to circulate around the room.
A scrubber operator using their commercial floor machine to practice commercial floor care.

Start Your Spring Cleaning Off Right

Proper spring preventive maintenance for your commercial floors will keep your facility clean and healthy for years to come. However, in many cases, your commercial floor maintenance is only as good as your equipment.

Whether it's time for an upgrade, or you're just looking for the best deal on scrubbers, ScrubberShop is here for you.

ScrubberShop has equipment for all of your needs. From different flooring types, to indoors or outdoors, ScrubberShop has all the scrubbers to suit your business. Simply select the type of scrubber you're looking for, and ScrubberShop will send you free pricing on all of your equipment options.

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