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August 04 2021

A used ride-on scrubber cleaning an establishment.

Save money without sacrificing performance by investing in a used floor scrubber. 

More and more businesses are turning to scrubbers for a positive visitor experience. A scrubber will leave your floors sparkling in minutes. Their thorough, deep clean is fast and automated. Scrubbers even pick up after themselves by collecting dirty residue with their squeegees. However, some businesses can’t afford to buy new.

Thankfully, there’s a simple fix. 

Find a wide selection of used industrial floor scrubbers with ScrubberShop. We partner with dealers who carry the best used floor scrubber equipment on the market. This includes the top used walk-behind floor scrubbers and used ride-on scrubbers. With our dealers’ combined inventory, there’s endless options to choose from. 

When you buy used, you get access to a variety of scrubbers. Used equipment can help you stick within your budget. This is a huge advantage. While there are many other benefits that come with used equipment, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Consider the information below before buying used floor scrubbers. Then, use ScrubberShop to find the best industrial floor scrubber for your business!  

A Used Scrubber Buying Guide


Used industrial floor scrubbers are most popular for their reduced cost. Buyers typically save between 20-60% when purchasing used equipment over new! These savings allow you to buy top scrubber models.

To make sure you’re always getting the most competitive price, use ScrubberShop. We send you multiple quotes on equipment of your choice for easy price comparison. We’ll make sure you always get the best bang for your buck!

Life Span

Each used scrubber can have a different life span. There are a few components that go into life span. One factor is how old the equipment is when you purchase it. Another factor is scrubber type. A used walk-behind scrubber might last longer than a used ride-on scrubber. Some scrubber types were meant to be more durable than others. 

The most important factor is how well the previous owner maintained the equipment.

When browsing used floor scrubbers, make sure to ask your dealer: 

  • How old is this equipment?
  • What is the average life span of this model?
  • How well was this scrubber maintained?
  • What was this scrubber used for?

Asking these questions will give you a more accurate understanding of your equipment. You’ll get a better idea of what maintenance looks like and what ongoing costs will be. 

Maintenance and Parts Availability

A good way to prolong equipment life is through regular maintenance. Maintenance prevents costly repairs by dealing with issues as soon as they pop up. This ensures consistency while combating any equipment downtime. Thankfully, maintenance for used equipment is relatively simple.

Buy a used machine that's already been well-maintained to avoid unnecessary costs. If it's in fair condition and has been properly maintained, it'll be good as new. Continue to do regular maintenance to prevent bigger issues from occurring down the line.


It’s important to consider the size of your used equipment. If it’s too large, it won’t fit in your place of work. If your scrubber is too small, it could take too long to clean. 

Don’t overlook size when it comes to purchasing used equipment. Different used ride-on floor scrubber models, for instance, come in different sizes. Used walk-behind floor scrubbers are typically smaller. However, some used walk-behind floor scrubbers might not fit in your workspace. Keep individual models in mind. There’s no true industry standard.

Another important factor to account for is squeegee size. The squeegee is normally the widest point on a scrubber. Check the machine specifications for its size. If it’s too large, it might not be able to fit through your door. In this case, you can opt for an alternate squeegee kit that’s narrowed in size. 

A uniformed man pushing a used walk-behind floor scrubber across a tiled floor.


Ready for your used industrial floor scrubber? Let ScrubberShop know exactly what you’re looking for. Then, we’ll find the right equipment for you. It’s that easy. 

We use a quick, consultative approach to helping you buy a used industrial floor scrubber. This is to put the customer first and make the most of your resources. We want to give you the closest match possible to what you’re looking for.

Answer a few short questions on this form so we know your business needs. Once we receive this information, we’ll search our inventory for potential fits. From there, we’ll send you multiple budget-friendly options. Price compare for your next used industrial floor scrubber from the comfort of your living room! 

Get great equipment at competitive prices now. 

We partner with reputable, established dealers to give you a trusted experience. All used equipment has been thoroughly inspected and tested. With ScrubberShop, rest assured that your used equipment will deliver maximum performance. The life span may even be similar to that of a new machine. 

Whatever your business needs, find a scrubber through ScrubberShop today.

Buy a High-Quality Used Floor Scrubber Now

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