Why a Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Is a Must for Any Restaurant

June 09 2021

A tile scrubber machine functioning as a restaurant floor scrubber.

A walk-behind floor scrubber is a necessity in the food service industry.

Cleanliness is the backbone of a successful restaurant. Without a clean kitchen, countless bacteria and viruses can threaten your business. That's why you need equipment that will keep your restaurant, and its kitchen, as sanitary as possible.

A walk-behind floor scrubber is your best bet. These scrubbers are very user-friendly and will address the build-up, bacteria growth, and germs that threaten every restaurant.

Learn more about how a walk-behind floor scrubber cleans restaurant flooring effectively below.

Restaurant Floor Cleaner

Floors are a crucial part of every restaurant. For many customers, your restaurant floor is their first impression of your business. Likewise, the cleanliness of your kitchen and its floors directly impacts the quality of your food. On the Food Establishment Inspection Report, floor care is listed among the most important categories.

For these reasons, floor care, maintenance, and a proper restaurant floor cleaner are key to your success. Old-fashioned mops and brooms are not as effective as floor cleaning machinery.

With growing contaminants, dust in tight spaces, and floor health to consider, you need a restaurant floor cleaner that's automated, efficient, and thorough.

A walk-behind floor scrubber will ensure your restaurant is as clean as possible. The right restaurant floor cleaner can accomplish in minutes what would take workers hours. That means it'll keep your flooring in pristine condition, without taking any energy from your employees!

While there are many scrubber types to choose from, a walk-behind floor scrubber is best for restaurants. Its compact size is ideal for tackling tricky racks and dusty shelves. It's also a popular choice for the two main restaurant floor types.

Types of Restaurant Floors

Tile Scrubber Machine

Most restaurant kitchen flooring is tile. Durable and sleek, tile appears clean and timeless. Using a tile scrubber machine will contribute to its longevity.

Most kitchens are packed with utensils, workers, and food. A walk-behind floor scrubber, or tile scrubber, is perfect for those tight spots. A tile scrubber machine also eliminates build-up between tiles.

Overall, a tile scrubber machine tackles any issue, big or small, that might arise in and on your tiled kitchen floor.

Vinyl Floor Scrubber Machine

Most restaurant dining room flooring is vinyl. Vinyl flooring is high-traffic friendly. It's also water-resistant and comes in a variety of styles.

A vinyl floor scrubber machine prevents spills and dents from becoming permanent. Regular use of a vinyl floor scrubber machine also prevents the formation of discoloration, scuffs, and stains.

The walk-behind floor scrubber operates easily. Your workers will only have to guide the scrubber once after a busy night. The vinyl floor scrubber can cover your dining area, as well as tighter spots like a bar or hosting section.

A vinyl floor scrubber machine will extend the life of your vinyl floors, while upholding their integrity.

A restaurant worker operating a walk-behind floor scrubber on restaurant tile.

Finding the Best Restaurant Floor Scrubber

Restaurant floors are hotspots for spills, stains, and damages. Whether it's the high traffic in the dining area, or all the cooks in the kitchen, a lot can comprise the cleanliness and efficiency of your establishment.

This puts a lot of stress on restaurant owners to keep their floors clean, without compromising their budget.

ScrubberShop offers a huge range of restaurant floor scrubber options in your price range.

Simply let us know your budget and needs. We'll take care of the rest.

Once the ScrubberShop team receives your information, we'll send free restaurant floor scrubber quotes on the best for your business.

Invest in your future with quality restaurant floor scrubber equipment from ScrubberShop.

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