Which Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber Is Best for Your Facility?

March 17 2021

Operator in a yellow vest and mask pushing a walk-behind floor scrubber

A walk-behind floor scrubber is a great tool for maintaining industrial facilities. These machines are maneuverable, affordable, and easy-to-use.

While larger, ride-on floor scrubbers are available, there are a variety of sizes within walk-behind models too. Because of this, a walk-behind floor scrubber is a great fit for a wide range of facilities and industries.

Not sure which scrubber size you need? Learn more about different walk-behind scrubber sizes here.

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Walk-Behind Scrubber Sizes

A walk-behind scrubber is a pad-assisted or wheel-driven cleaning machine designed to clean facilities quickly and efficiently. In addition to walk-behind scrubbers, there are both smaller (upright) and larger (ride-on) floor scrubbers.

Walk-behind scrubbers themselves can be categorized into four main sizes: micro, small, mid, and large. These sizes refer to the size of the cleaning path, which is equivalent to the size of the scrubber head. Learn more about each size below:

Micro Scrubber

A micro scrubber is ideal for buildings that are between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet. These floor scrubbers can have either a 13-inch, 14-inch, or 15-inch cleaning path.

Consider a micro scrubber if you have a small facility with many narrow aisles and tight doorways. Keep in mind that upright scrubbers are another option if you need to clean under furniture or have areas that are unreachable without a flat machine.

A walk-behind micro scrubber allows operators to clean confined spaces thoroughly with very little downtime and upfront investment.

Small Floor Scrubber

A small floor scrubber is slightly larger than a micro floor scrubber. Small floor scrubbing machines are ideal for cleaning spaces that are 3,000 to 20,000 square feet in size. The cleaning path of these machines can range anywhere from 17 to 20 inches wide.

Many brands offer small, or compact, options to help operators clean narrow, congested spaces. Some small floor scrubbing machines even have foldable handles to make it easier to clean under lower surfaces.

Consider investing in a small floor scrubber if you have limited storage space or work in an area with many different obstacles.

Mid Scrubber

A “mid” floor scrubber is another step up in size. With head sizes (or cleaning paths) between 22 and 28 inches, these machines clean areas that are 15,000 to 40,000 square feet.

This is the best walk-behind floor scrubber for mid-sized spaces like a crowded warehouse.

Large Scrubber

A large floor scrubber is ideal for areas 30,000 to 80,000 square feet in size. Scrubber heads for these models can be anywhere from 32 to 38 inches wide.

Choose this option if you want the mobility and efficiency of a walk-behind scrubber without the bulkiness of a ride-on scrubber. If your space is much larger than 80,000 square feet, consider investing in a ride-on floor scrubber instead.

Red and black walk-behind scrubber parked in a hallway

Investing in a Walk-Behind Floor Scrubber

A walk-behind floor scrubber is a great fit for small and medium-sized spaces. Compact and maneuverable, this equipment is perfect for tight spaces, inclined ramps, and narrow doorways.

While cleaning services may seem affordable for a day or week of work, purchasing a floor scrubber will save you thousands of dollars over time. A walk-behind scrubber can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $18,000 but pays itself off with regular use.

Keep in mind that floor maintenance is incredibly important, not just for the safety of employees and visitors. Unmaintained flooring will require expensive repairs from cracking and wear.

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