Why an Electric Scrubber is the Best Warehouse Floor Scrubber

August 18 2021

A concrete floor scrubber cleaning a warehouse.

The demand for warehouse floor scrubbers is increasing daily. This is because of how much business the retail industry is experiencing. As a result, warehouses are getting busier and busier. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep these spaces clean and safe. 

Having a clean warehouse is good for business. It promotes greater profit by improving the performance and efficiency of your operation. However, businesses still need to be mindful of the cost of cleaning. 

What is a cleaning solution that’s powerful, while still remaining budget-friendly? The answer for many is turning to automation. Gyms, hospitals, and restaurants all use industrial floor scrubbers. Even most tennis courts have started using concrete floor scrubbers!

A good warehouse floor cleaning machine is fast and effective. For warehouses, your best bet is an electric floor scrubber. With little to no manual labor required, you won’t have to worry about operator fatigue! Simply remove debris, clutter, and dirt until it’s gone. Operation is consistent and thorough. 

Electric floor scrubbers bring many benefits to your warehouse. Learn about them below. Then use ScrubberShop to find your next warehouse floor cleaner! 

Warehouse Floor Scrubber

A warehouse floor cleaner is a necessity. However, there are many different warehouse floor cleaning machines to choose from. 

ScrubberShop recommends electric floor scrubbers as your next warehouse floor cleaning machine. Keep reading to find out why.


Any cleaning effort that requires manual labor is time-consuming and exhausting. Results will be inconsistent and vary greatly. However, automated warehouse floor cleaners offer a consistent output. 

A concrete floor scrubber cuts your cleaning time in half. What would manually take hours and hours becomes fast and efficient. It’s also more thorough.

Mops and buckets merely present a cleaner appearance, while actually damaging your floors. They spread filthy water around, supporting grime and dirt build-up. A good warehouse floor cleaner will offer maximum cleaning power. An electric floor scrubber offers the most cleaning power and requires the least effort to operate.

Scrubbers work to eliminate dirt and debris while also getting beneath the surface. They tackle the toughest patches of grime with minimal human effort. This eliminates operator fatigue. In turn, the overall productivity of your workhouse and operators will increase.

Return on Investment

Many turn away at the higher upfront cost of an electric floor scrubber. It’s no secret that mops and buckets are cheaper ways to clean your warehouse. There’s more than just the initial cost to assess, though. 

The return on investment concrete floor scrubbers offer is substantially high. Especially when compared to traditional methods of warehouse cleaning. 

A warehouse floor cleaner always ends up paying for itself. Its fast operation, consistent usage, and thorough output are invaluable assets. You’ll be reaping benefits for years to come with durable, high-performing equipment. Cleaning will take minimal effort from your employees, freeing them up for more on-site tasks.

On the other hand, manual methods can leave you with exhausted workers and safety hazards.


Investing in an electric floor scrubber is more than just a smart financial decision. It can also save your workspace from serious hazards.  

A traditional bucket and mop tracks dirty water without picking or cleaning it up. This leaves you with wet floors, which leads to slips and falls. At the very least, someone could get hurt. At worst, a serious injury or lawsuit could occur from this.

Reduce unnecessary risk and maximize safety. Simply use an electric floor scrubber. 

Concrete floor scrubbers use minimal water. The water they do use, their vacuum sucks back up. They’ll leave your floors clean, dry, and safe. Leave slips, falls, accidents, and lawsuits behind. 

Keep your warehouse floors clean in the safest way possible.

Variety and Versatility

Scrubbers are very versatile and come in all shapes and sizes. For every cleaning need, there’s a scrubber for you.

There are more than just concrete floor scrubbers. Scrubbers clean a variety of different floor types and surfaces. This includes, but is not limited to, wood, tile, and laminate.

In addition to their versatility, they also come in many different sizes and shapes. Choose a scrubber size that aligns with your workspace. If you have a larger warehouse or distribution center that tracks a lot of dirt, you’ll need a bigger machine. A larger model will be able to service more square footage at a time. This will be faster than a smaller machine, while still offering a deep clean. Likewise, if your workspace has tight spots and narrow aisles, you’ll need a smaller model. A smaller scrubber will be able to offer a better clean by accessing those small areas. 

Regardless of their variety, all scrubbers are consistent in their powerful performance. Learning how to buy the best scrubber for your business is next. 

An electric floor scrubber in a warehouse cleaning and drying its path.


Buying a concrete floor scrubber is the best thing you can do for your warehouse. It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run. 

Save money on manual labor and get the electric floor scrubber of your choice today. 

The process is easy with ScrubberShop. We partner with multiple dealers to collect a wide variety of scrubbers. There’s endless options for you to choose from. You can even specify the size, engine type, and square footage the machine will be servicing! 

To find the next warehouse floor cleaning machine for you, fill out this form

Enter your specifications so we know what equipment to match you with. We’ll send you multiple quotes on warehouse floor scrubbers. This is so you can price match in one place. When you see an option you like, select it! That’s all there is to it.

If buying is too big of a step for you, we also offer renting. This will allow you to test different warehouse floor cleaners out before making a final decision. If you’re concerned about cost, think about buying a used warehouse floor scrubber. Used models can offer similar cleaning power at a much lower price point. 

For all of your warehouse cleaning needs, ScrubberShop has something for you. Get your warehouse floor scrubber today.

Find an Electric Floor Scrubber for Your Warehouse Now.

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