How to Prioritize Commercial Floor Maintenance in the Winter

March 03 2021

Employee in gloves and a mask using a commercial floor scrubber

Commercial floor maintenance isn’t just about aesthetics. While first impressions do play a big role in your company’s success, there are other important factors. For instance, routine floor care prevents cracks and other expensive repairs.

It also protects employees from the spread of germs, which is something that has been increasingly dangerous due to COVID-19. Plus, it protects workers from slip and fall accidents.

At the end of the day, every business needs an effective plan for commercial floor maintenance. During the colder months, altering this plan to accommodate the weather is critical.

Learn more about commercial floor cleaning in the winter. Find winter floor care tips for your business here.

Commercial Floor Cleaning in the Winter

What’s so different about commercial floor cleaning in the winter? Couldn’t you just stick to the same maintenance plan you implement during the rest of the year?

If you’re located in an area where snow is common, your employees and visitors will likely track water, ice, and residual salt rings indoors. Not only do these create an unsafe environment, but they create a potential for salt damage, mold, and mildew growth.

Winter floor care can help prevent these issues. There are a few things you can do to prepare for the colder months. Here are five winter floor maintenance tips:

1. Lay Floor Mats

Proper winter floor maintenance should is preventative. One great way to do this is with a matting system. Floor mats will absorb snow and ice before they are tracked throughout the building.

2. Clean Floors Regularly

Prevent water build-up by using a commercial floor scrubber frequently. A commercial floor scrubber thoroughly lifts dirt, water, and microscopic debris (like salt particles) to protect your flooring.

3. Reseal Hard Floors

Get ahead of the weather by ensuring that there is enough finish on your flooring to protect the surface. If you’re already well into the season and haven’t already done this, you may want to wait until next year. It is not best practice to strip and refinish during the winter because of increased contaminates. Instead, reseal before winter hits.

4. Use Floor Neutralizer

Unlike dirt, salt residue has a high pH balance and will require a floor neutralizer to remove. Consider swapping your regular floor cleaner for winter floor cleaner. Be sure to check your scrubber’s manufacturer guidelines before investing in a neutralizer.

5. Create a Plan

Commercial floor cleaning in the winter requires more attention than in other seasons. Come up with a cleaning schedule to stay on top of floor conditions. Check high-traffic areas often.

Winter Floor Maintenance

The key to winter floor maintenance is maintenance. Cleaning the floors isn’t something you do once and forget about. Invest in the equipment you need to clean your floors often.

A small walk-behind floor scrubber is a great option for quick, efficient cleaning whenever you need it. Many businesses keep a cordless commercial floor scrubber handy in high-traffic areas.

Large ride-on scrubbers are also available for larger spaces with lots of ground to cover. The winter floor cleaner you choose will depend on factors such as facility size, entryway width, and budget. Keep in mind that not every scrubber is a good fit for all flooring types.

Melted snow and ice on concrete flooring

Finding a Commercial Floor Scrubber

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Invest in a winter floor cleaner today and maintain your floors year-round. Prevent expensive flooring repairs, protect your employees, and give a great first impression to your visitors. Purchase high-quality equipment for an affordable price with ScrubberShop.

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