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Is a Ride-On Scrubber a Good Fit for My Business?

Shopping for ride-on floor scrubbers for sale is a big investment. There are tons of options to comb through. Your time is valuable, so let’s make sure that a ride-on scrubber is the best option for your business before we start.

When choosing an industrial floor cleaning machine, the main deciding factor is floor type. First, how big is the floor? Ride-on floor scrubbers are ideal for larger spaces. Depending on their size, ride-on floor cleaning machines can clean anywhere from 20,000 to over 60,000 square feet per hour. 

These machines are incredibly efficient and get the job done quickly. However, ride-on scrubbers are generally larger than walk-behind scrubbers, so it’s important that the floor space is relatively open and unobstructed.

Secondly, what type of surface does the floor have? Ride-on auto scrubbers can be used on almost any surface type, including cement, rubber, ceramic, vinyl tile, stone, marble, terrazzo, granite, and more. Not sure whether your flooring can tolerate certain chemicals or pad pressure? Check manufacturer guidelines.

In addition, because the operator is seated, ride-on floor cleaners are more convenient and user-friendly than walk-behind floor cleaning options. Ride-on floor cleaners also offer increased operator comfort, which is critical for facilities with lots of space to maintain.

Overall, a ride-on floor cleaner is a great choice for facilities that are large and relatively open. Ride-on scrubber machines have increased cleaning power and speed. Because of this, a ride-on auto scrubber is the most efficient option for industrial floor cleaning.

If a ride-on scrubber machine seems like a good fit for your business, use ScrubberShop to compare industry-leading equipment in one place.

What is a Ride-On Floor Scrubber?

Maintenance worker using a ride-on scrubber machine to clean an indoor facility

Ride-on floor scrubbers are powerful industrial machines designed to clean large areas quickly and efficiently. Ride-on scrubbers come in a range of sizes and offer different features, making them versatile cleaning machines for a wide variety of industries.

Ride-on floor scrubbers are commonly used for janitorial services at schools and facilities. They’re also a great tool for outdoor garage cleaning and other areas with concrete flooring.

Investing in a ride-on floor cleaner is critical for promoting safety and efficiency in the workplace. Maintenance is a huge part of any business’s workflow. Increase work productivity and welcome visitors by maintaining your space with a ride-on floor scrubber. 

Browse the largest nationwide inventory of ride-on floor scrubbers for sale with ScrubberShop. We carry all of the top ride-on scrubber models from pre-screened dealers. Compare all of the highest quality ride-on floor scrubbers for sale in one place.

Plus, it’s absolutely free. Receive information on the best ride-on floor cleaners straight to your inbox. ScrubberShop makes it simple to find a ride-on floor cleaning machine that’s a great fit for you.

Can I Save Money by Purchasing Used Ride-On Floor Scrubbers?

Ride-on floor scrubbers for sale nationwide

The short answer is: Yes! While investing in a ride-on floor cleaning machine is necessary for routine maintenance, the price tag on new equipment can be daunting. Purchasing a used ride-on floor scrubber is a great way to lower initial maintenance costs. 

Purchasing refurbished equipment will make it easy to stay within budget. However, buying used means doing your homework. Before you buy a used ride-on floor scrubber, you’ll need to make sure that it is dependable and trustworthy. 

Let us do the work for you. ScrubberShop carries a huge inventory of used ride-on floor scrubbers that are in great condition. These machines have a reliable history and have been serviced routinely for the entirety of their lifetimes. The total usage hours are low, with an average ideal lifespan from 1 to 3 years.

Compare used equipment instantly and find a used ride-on floor scrubber that fits your facility’s needs.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Ride-On Floor Scrubbers for Sale?

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Before purchasing a ride-on floor scrubber, it’s important to compare every option. Use ScrubberShop to review pricing and information on ride-on floor scrubbers for sale. Simply let us know what kind of equipment you’re looking for and our experts will send you information for ride-on scrubber machines that match.

ScrubberShop offers the largest inventory of high-quality equipment nationwide. We work with pre-screened dealers to provide new and used ride-on scrubber machines that are trustworthy and reliable. Feel confident in the ride-on auto scrubber you choose, knowing you found the best deal.

With thousands of options available, ScrubberShop makes it simple. Don’t waste time calling dealers or comparing websites. Instead, browse equipment from home or on the go. Compare ride-on floor scrubbers online today.

Find a ride-on auto scrubber in minutes with ScrubberShop. Get free pricing on a variety of ride-on floor scrubbers for sale straight to your inbox.

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