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Is a Parking Lot Sweeper a Good Fit for My Business?

If you’re trying to determine whether a parking lot sweeper is right for you, simply ask yourself, “Do I have a parking lot?” If the answer is yes, then it’s a match! 

Often, your facility’s parking lot is a visitor’s first impression of your establishment. A parking lot sweeper can help you maintain your outdoor space so that guests and employees alike feel welcome and at ease.

New and used parking lot sweepers pick up accumulated debris from your outdoor surfaces. When you remove trash from your lot, other guests are less likely to be influenced to litter themselves. Not to mention, litter often attracts bugs and rodents.

parking lot sweepers

In addition, caring for your parking lot with a parking lot sweeper can help extend the life of your lot. Over time, parking lots endure the constant pressure of traffic and erosion from gravel and other debris. This creates holes in the parking lot surface that wear away the seal coating, allowing water to enter the surface and break down the material. 

Parking lot maintenance is necessary to maintain surface integrity. When businesses invest in parking lot sweeper trucks for sale, they can keep abrasive materials from doing serious damage to outdoor surfaces. A clean parking lot is also necessary for the safety and well-being of those who frequent your facility. 

Investing in the right equipment will help you prioritize the safety of your employees and customers. If you think this equipment is a good fit for your facility, compare your options for parking lot sweepers for sale with ScrubberShop. Get started browsing our inventory of new and used parking lot sweepers for sale today.

What is a Parking Lot Sweeper?

Parking lot sweepers

Parking lot sweepers are large industrial machines designed to help businesses maintain outdoor spaces (typically parking lots) quickly and efficiently. Almost 70% of industrial sweepers are purchased for use outside. 

There are many different models and sizes of parking lot sweepers for sale with varying capabilities. If your space is larger than 130,000 square feet, you’ll want a large parking lot sweeper with a 66-inch cleaning path. If, however, your lot is only 50,000 to 75,000 square feet, you’ll be fine with a compact or midsize model with a 50-inch to 60-inch path. 

Parking lot sweepers can handle most outdoor surfaces, including asphalt, concrete, and tile. These machines are typically gasoline- or diesel-powered and are capable of cleaning almost any outdoor lot. Some facilities that commonly invest parking lot sweeper trucks for sale include grocery stores, shopping malls, public buildings, factories, warehouses, shipping centers, and many more.

Browsing through parking lots sweeper trucks for sale can help you find the best deal on sweeping equipment. Investing in a parking lot sweeper is a solid step towards investing in your business. Compare parking lot sweepers for sale instantly with ScrubberShop.

Should I Buy a New or Used Parking Lot Sweeper?

New and used parking lot sweepers for sale

Not sure if you have the budget to invest in a new parking lot sweeper? Don’t sweat it. ScrubberShop offers a huge variety of used parking lot sweepers for sale to help you save money. 

Buying refurbished equipment is a quick and easy way to stay within your budget. Plus, as long as you purchase well-cared-for equipment, you’ll get just as much power, precision, and longevity from your used parking lot sweeper as you would from a brand new machine. 

We carry top models of used equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. Plus, each used parking lot sweeper you see is from a pre-screened dealer that you can trust. We only offer the highest quality used equipment nationwide. That means that all of our used parking lot sweepers for sale are in the absolute best condition possible.

Save time by only browsing legitimate, trustworthy offers for used parking lot sweepers for sale. Make a decision that you feel confident in. We’ve already done the work for you. Check out our inventory of used parking lot sweepers for sale today!

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Parking Lot Sweepers for Sale?

parking lot sweepers

Does a parking lot sweeper sound like the right equipment for your business? If so, ScrubberShop is the best spot to find the perfect outdoor industrial cleaning machine for your facility.

We’re committed to helping you get the best deal on a parking lot sweeper. We do this by allowing you to compare your options for all of the best parking lot sweeper trucks for sale in one place. 

We’ve partnered with pre-screened dealers to create the largest inventory of parking lot sweepers for sale from industry-leading manufacturers at great prices.

All you have to do is let us know whether you’re looking for a new or used parking lot sweeper and we’ll match you with the best units in your area. Then, we’ll send you pricing and information on each of those parking lot sweepers for sale straight to your inbox for free.

Let ScrubberShop do the work for you. Compare all of the options in your area to find the absolute best deal near you. Find a new or used parking lot sweeper today with ScrubberShop.

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