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Is a Street Sweeper a Good Fit for My Business?

To the average person, it may seem silly to sweep a street. For many industries, however, utilizing a street sweeper regularly is absolutely critical. Failing to do so can result in huge safety hazards and expensive repairs. 

For instance, using a street sweeper to keep the tarmac clear at an airport is a necessity for safe landing and takeoff. In addition, the regular upkeep of paved areas will minimize pricey erosion damage from dirt and debris, as well as runoff pollution, which has an extensive negative environmental impact. 

Street sweepers range vastly in size from small, towable machines to large, drivable trucks. There are three major types of sweepers to consider before choosing a street sweeper truck for sale. 

A mechanical broom is the oldest type of sweeper, with a large broom that brushes debris from the pavement onto a conveyor belt that runs to a containment hopper. Although mechanical brooms typically spray water, the lack of a vacuum causes this type to produce the most dust. 

The second type of sweeper is the vacuum street sweeper, which uses an engine-powered fan to suck dirt and debris into a hopper. These machines also have brooms that direct debris towards the vacuum. Because they only cover the width of the sweeping head, vacuum street sweepers typically only clean about a third of the sweeping path. Regardless, they clean very thoroughly near the curb line and produce less dust than mechanical brooms.

The last main type of street sweeper is the regenerative air sweeper. This equipment is similar to the vacuum street sweeper but operates in a closed-loop, re-circulating the air supply internally. Because of this system, regenerative air sweepers can pick up larger, heavier debris across the entire width of the machine and can move a higher volume of small-micron debris.

If you need equipment for heavy-duty applications like removing millings, gravel, or build-up after flooding, a mechanical broom is the right choice. If the majority of waste is within 36-inches of the curb, a pure vacuum street sweeper will do the job, especially on uneven pavement. If you’re looking for versatile equipment for multi-purpose applications, a regenerative air sweeper is the best option. 

No matter what type of street sweeper you need, find equipment that fits your needs with ScrubberShop. Compare new and used street sweepers for sale today.

What is a Street Sweeper?

Large used street sweeper cleaning a road outside

Street sweepers are industrial cleaning machines used to clean paved, outdoor areas. Businesses utilize street sweepers to keep outdoor spaces clean and safe for their employees and customers. 

Street sweeping is essential for projects like construction site cleanup, road safety, park maintenance, and more. Many street sweepers are capable of picking up large debris like stones, heavy soils, and other bulky waste that might be found at industrial work sites.

It’s important to sweep roadways to not only maintain a welcoming environment and aesthetic but to prevent the deterioration of asphalt and other surface materials. Using a street sweeper routinely will help preserve the life of your roadways and ensure the safety of those who use them by removing harmful toxins and dangerous debris.

Some street sweepers use a vacuum to capture debris, while other models simply use a complex brush system. How each machine works depends on whether it is a vacuum street sweeper, regenerative air sweeper, or mechanical broom.

While sweepers vary in capabilities and features, each piece of equipment performs the same task of removing dirt and debris from the pavement. If your business wants to save on pavement cleaning costs, consider investing in a new or used street sweeper.

Compare your options for street sweepers for sale instantly with ScrubberShop. We carry both new and used street sweepers to fit any budget. Browse all of your options in one place and find the best deal today.

Should I Buy New or Used Street Sweeper?

Large bristles on a regenerative air sweeper

Hiring an industrial cleaning service gets expensive. Purchasing a new or used street sweeper can save you tons of money in the long run. If you plan on cleaning your outdoor spaces more than 2 or 3 times a year, investing in industrial cleaning equipment is a great choice.

If new equipment feels like too big of an investment right now, consider opting for used street sweepers for sale. When you buy a used street sweeper from an authorized, pre-screened dealer, you’ll get great equipment for an even better price.

Quality refurbished machinery functions just like new. As long as the equipment has been cared for properly and has low usage hours, you’ll get just as much productivity and efficiency out of an older machine.

ScrubberShop carries the largest selection of both new and used street sweepers for sale. We work with pre-screened dealers to provide used street sweepers for sale from industry-leading manufacturers for a fraction of the price of new machines. 

Find refurbished equipment that you can trust. Browse all of your options in one place to find the best deal on a new or used street sweeper for your facility.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Street Sweepers for Sale?

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Comparing industrial cleaning equipment can be tough. There are so many different sites, dealers, and manufacturers to comb through. All of these options can make it a hassle to determine the best choice for a street sweeper truck for sale. 

If you need a street sweeper for your business, save time and money with ScrubberShop. ScrubberShop is a free tool designed to help you gather information on a variety of cleaning equipment all in one place. You’ll receive pricing on each street sweeper truck for sale near you that fits your needs. 

Then, you can simply compare all of your options for street sweepers for sale online to determine which option is the best fit for you and your business. 

Use ScrubberShop to compare pricing on equipment in your area. Get started today and find a great deal on a street sweeper truck for sale. 

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