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Is an Industrial Floor Sweeper a Good Fit for My Business?

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Industries use floor sweepers to control dust and debris. Maintaining your facility’s appearance is not only important for aesthetics, but it is a critical factor in keeping visitors and employees safe and productive. 

An industrial floor sweeper is the best tool for these purposes, equipped with spinning brushes that trap dust quickly. Using an industrial sweeper at your facility is much more efficient and cost-friendly than hiring someone to manually clean the space. 

Walk-behind and ride-on sweepers are available to fit a variety of facility sizes. If your facility is crowded or narrow, a compact walk-behind industrial sweeper is your best bet. However, if your space is large and open, you might want a larger and more convenient ride-on machine.

Before you start browsing your options for industrial floor sweepers for sale, consider the specifications of your facility. In particular, the floor type will play a huge role in determining which commercial floor sweeper is best for you.

Some brushes and cleaning solutions can damage certain flooring types. Use ScrubberShop to compare all of your options before making a purchase. Get matched with commercial floor sweepers that fit your business needs.

What is a Commercial Floor Sweeper?

Floor sweeper machine removing dust from a concrete surface

A commercial floor sweeper does the same thing that a broom and dustpan do. The difference is that commercial sweepers are more efficient, convenient, and thorough.

First, an industrial floor sweeper is incredibly efficient. Some facilities are over 100,000 square feet. It would take an entire day to cover that kind of area with a broom. Smaller facilities can also benefit from an industrial sweeper, saving time and money by delegating their funds to revenue-generating tasks.

Second, convenience is a huge benefit of owning a commercial sweeper. Ride-on options are available for longer tasks, so operators can sit comfortably the whole time. 

Plus, if there’s a spill or mess, you’ll be able to clean the area immediately. Businesses who use cleaning services and don’t own a commercial sweeper would have to wait until the next scheduled cleaning or clean it up by hand.

Last, a floor sweeper machine is capable of performing a much more thorough cleaning job than any mop or broom. The sheer power of these machines allows them to remove dirt from the smallest cracks and crevices. Commercial floor sweepers can even trap minuscule dust particles.

A floor sweeper is an important tool for any business. If this equipment sounds like a good investment for you, compare industrial floor sweepers for sale with ScrubberShop.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Industrial Floor Sweepers for Sale?

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To find the best deal on a floor sweeper machine, you’ll need to get upfront pricing on all of your options. Unfortunately, most dealers aren’t very open about their pricing. Instead of browsing hundreds of websites or calling dozens of dealers to get the information you need, turn to ScrubberShop.

ScrubberShop partners with trustworthy, pre-screened dealers to provide a huge inventory of new and used industrial floor sweepers for sale from industry-leading manufacturers. We offer free pricing and information so that you can truly compare your options before you buy.

Start by answering a few questions to give us an idea about what kind of floor sweeper machine you’re looking for. Then, our experts will analyze our inventory to find new or used industrial floor sweepers for sale that match your needs. 

Once you have all the information in front of you, making a decision is easy. Compare your options to determine if any of the floor sweeper machines we’ve sent you are a good fit.

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